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Spotlight Stories

Aug 18 2017
In-game screenshot of Currency Collector VR.

Virtually Unstoppable

by Alex Z. Salinas (B.A. ’11) For 20 years while in the Marine Corps, Henry Idar earned a reputation as a solid mechanic, but he has felt the draw of…

Jul 17 2017
Dr. Kelly Morales (B.S. '99) stands in her clinic.

The anatomy of innovation

St. Mary’s University has a legacy of producing world-class medical professionals. Excellent academics and personal relationships are the key. by Alex Z. Salinas (B.A. ’11) St. Mary’s University-educated men and…

Jul 13 2017

Building a value network

One of the oldest and most successful food service companies in the nation has partnered with St. Mary’s University to provide valuable internship and job opportunities to students. by Alex…

Jul 12 2017
Three students in courtroom

Courtroom Juggernauts

St. Mary’s Law External Advocacy Program celebrates legacy of wins with another national championship by Jennifer R. Lloyd (M.B.A. ’16) When Sophia George began her legal studies at St. Mary’s…

Jul 11 2017

Staring History in the Face

by Anndria Flores (B.A. ’12, M.A. ’16) Sight unseen and armed with faith, Anthony Selvanathan traveled more than 3,600 miles from his home in Hawaii after graduating from Chaminade University…

Jul 11 2017
EJ and Luis Tamez stand in a hospital waiting room

A gift greater than gold

Brothers E.J. and Luis Tamez were already close, but the challenge of end-stage kidney failure brought them even closer and gave E.J. a new purpose in life. by Robin J….

Jul 11 2017
Lynda Ellis

On the rise, together

Lynda Ellis’ collaborative leadership style is the foundation of her success.  by Jasmine DeLeon (B.A. ’11, M.A. ’15) Lynda Ellis’ first rule of leadership is to connect personally with employees…

Mar 27 2017

Her Own Boss

By Jasmine DeLeon (B.A. ’11, M.A. ’15) When she was a little girl, Chantel Avila (B.B.A. ’15) wanted to be a lawyer like the character Elle Woods in the movie…

Mar 17 2017

The Full St. Mary’s Experience

Living on campus is a big part of the unique community spirit of St. Mary’s, and the University plans to continue enhancing residence life. by Alex Z. Salinas (B.A. ’11)…

Mar 17 2017
Julissa Carielo (B.B.A. '95), founder of the Maestro Entrepreneur Center.

Center helps small businesses jump-start growth

by Jasmine DeLeon (B.A. ’11, M.A. ’15) After 12 years of working in the construction industry, Julissa Carielo (B.B.A. ’95) quit her job to start her own construction firm.  She…

Mar 17 2017
Stephanie Ward, Ph.D., and student volunteers riding their bicycles to deliver books as part of Ride for Reading.

Cycling for Literacy

by Jasmine DeLeon (B.A. ’11, M.A. ’15) Her first job was at age 9, riding her bike to sell eggs from her family’s farm to neighbors. Her second job was…

Mar 15 2017

The Music Man

by Anndria Flores (B.A. ’12, M.A. ’16) On a warm fall day, a group of young men and women casually gathered near the Quad on the St. Mary’s University campus…

Mar 13 2017
SET alumna Jessica Johnson.

Engineering alumna continues to win big at H-E-B

by Alex Z. Salinas (B.A. ’11) Shortly after Jessica Johnson (B.S. ’09, M.S. ’11) came to St. Mary’s University, she set a goal for herself: win “Industrial Engineering Student of…

Feb 28 2017
Iliana De La Cruz sits by the Cotrell Commons.

The Girl Wonder

by Alex Z. Salinas (B.A. ’11) Iliana De La Cruz is curious about the world. For as long as she can remember, De La Cruz has wondered about how and…

Feb 21 2017

Advocate for Education

by Lynette Montalvo (B.A. ’16) Stefanie Ramirez (B.A. ’14) embodies one of St. Mary’s most notable core values: service to others. Ramirez is committed to ensuring every child in America…

Jan 23 2017

Rattler represents the nation

By Lynette Montalvo (B.A. ’16) Last summer, Courtney Keif traveled more than 6,100 miles from St. Mary’s University to pursue her passion for learning about foreign military practices and culture….

Dec 1 2016
Father Jim Tobin

Breakfast with a Saint

by Jennifer R. Lloyd A brief stop in Calcutta, India, while serving Marianist communities in the region in 1997 gave the Rev. Jim Tobin, S.M., now the Greehey School of…

Dec 1 2016
Sherry Clegg

Law Success Instructor plays with fire

by Jennifer R. Lloyd It might look dangerous, but for Sherry Clegg, J.D., hula hooping with the added element of fire is downright relaxing. Clegg, a Law Success Instructor at…

Nov 30 2016

Ideas and Opportunities

by Jasmine DeLeon (B.A. ’11, M.A. ’15) Paula Gold-Williams believes in being ready to take on whatever challenges life throws her way. She has guided her career with a balance…

Nov 30 2016
Eddie Vega

All Wrapped in One: Tacos and Social Justice

by Robin J. Johnson (B.A. ’11, M.A. ’13) Taco ’bout a delicious hobby. Eddie Vega, a self-proclaimed taco aficionado, is often on the hunt for Texas’ best tacos. When he’s…

Nov 30 2016
Young Louis Cousins sit alone in auditorium

Not Alone: Stepping up for Social Justice

Alumnus Louis Cousins Sr. saved lives in Vietnam and managed labs for Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, but as a sophomore in a Virginia high school, he became something he…

Oct 11 2016
Dean Winston Erevelles with students living in Marian Hall.

More Than a Dorm

by Alex Z. Salinas (B.A. ’11) During the day, the halls of Marian Hall — one of 12 student residences at St. Mary’s — are quiet. But at night, the…

Sep 6 2016

Brews and Bros

by Melanie Skaggs (B.A. ’01) The small-batch craft beer movement is big business, and four St. Mary’s University alums are in the thick of it. What started as a friendship among…

Aug 9 2016
Under the watchful eye of coach Tom Zabel, Jessica Brower and an opponent prepare to spar.

You Don’t Know Sumo

Think you know what a sumo wrestler looks like? Think again. by Andrew Festa Jessica Brower has, perhaps, the best icebreaker in the history of conversation. The diminutive St. Mary’s…

Aug 2 2016
Students at Alternative Spring Break in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Breaking for Service

Alternative Spring Break programs give students options besides the beach Story and photos by Robin J. Johnson (B.A. ’11, M.A. ’13) Spring break is not often synonymous with volunteerism and…

Jul 28 2016
Katie Hambleton

The Stars Aligned

by Anndria Flores (B.A. ’12) As a public affairs officer for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Katie Hambleton (B.A. ’04) gives the public the inside scoop on the…

Jul 28 2016

The Caretaker

Triple major looks to create a future that helps others through medicine by Alex Z. Salinas (B.A. ’11) When St. Mary’s senior and triple major Enrique Torres Hernandez was a…

Jul 28 2016

Modern-Day Renaissance Man

This recent Biology graduate didn’t waste any of his time at St. Mary’s – singing, dancing, teaching, researching and, well, generally excelling by Alex Z. Salinas (B.A. ’11) Anthony Quesada…

Jul 28 2016

Good Fortune and Karma

by Anndria Flores (B.A. ’12) Kristal Cuevas quit her corporate job and found her calling in a yoga studio. Eager for a change of pace away from the fluorescent lights…

Mar 30 2016
Jeff Rankin grilling on a barbecue

Lasting bonds of brotherhood and barbecue

by Robin J. Johnson (B.A. ’11, M.A. ’13) Jeff Rankin (B.S. ’15) has formed life-changing bonds throughout his life: in the Air Force, at St. Mary’s University, and even during…

Mar 28 2016
Joan Lamm-Tennant

The Business of Helping

by Jasmine DeLeon (B.A. ’11, M.A. ’15) Joan Lamm-Tennant believes hard work should pay off. But she also knows that for many hard-working people living in poverty, disaster can be…

Mar 28 2016
The Hon. Karin Crump (photo credit Josh Huskin)

The Law Clinics at 25: The Hon. Karin Crump

by Jennifer R. Lloyd (This piece ran as part of a series honoring the 25th anniversary of the St. Mary’s University School of Law clinical programs .) From inexperienced undergraduate…

Mar 28 2016
Attorney Marisol Pérez (photo credit: Josh Huskin)

Law Clinics at 25: Attorney Marisol Pérez

by Jennifer R. Lloyd (This piece ran as part of a series honoring the 25th anniversary of the St. Mary’s University School of Law clinical programs .) On an evening…

Mar 28 2016
Diplomat and alumna Ariel Vaagen

Diplomat urges graduates to give back

St. Mary’s University alumna Ariel Vaagen (M.S. ’06), Deputy Director of the Office of International Media Engagement for the U.S. Department of State, was keynote speaker at the 15th annual…

Mar 28 2016
Matteo Borri working at a workbench full of electrical tools

The Robot Maestro

by Alex Z. Salinas (B.A. ’11) Matteo Borri (B.S. ’07) has clear ideas for the future of his robot-building company. Stay small enough that customer interaction is personal. Create high-quality,…

Dec 8 2015
Kelsey Davis

Business alumna shares her internship experience

by Jasmine Garcia (B.A. ’11) Students hear it all the time — internships provide essential opportunities to build real-world experience before graduation. But for alumna Kelsey Myers (B.B.A. ’14), relationship…

Nov 17 2015
Image of a mouse's brain

Tiny Brains, Big Science

by Alex Z. Salinas (B.A. ’11) In the world of neuroscientist Denise Ramirez, Ph.D. (B.S. ’03), minds are a terrible thing to waste — literally. In this case, the brains…

Oct 29 2015
Brittany Sullivan

A Rewarding Risk

by Alex Z. Salinas (B.A. ’11) Some of the joys — and frustrations — that can come soon after college include buying a new car or home. And following these…

Sep 8 2015
Aleman's mother's third grade class

Common People, Uncommon Activism

by Alex Salinas (B.A. ’11) In the 1950s, a Texas school district was forcing Mexican-American students to repeat the first grade three times. When alum Enrique Aleman Jr., Ph.D., uncovered…

Aug 18 2015
Jason Torres playing his guitar

The Punk Rock Scientist

by Alex Z. Salinas (B.A. ’11) Questioning authority. Thinking independently. Not accepting things at face value. These themes are found in punk rock music, which Jason Torres (B.A. ’07) began…

Aug 17 2015
Collage of four photos, explained below in text

The Year of the Rattler

by Chad Peters What a year! St. Mary’s Athletics has strung together many impressive seasons in many different sports during recent years, but 2014-2015 will go down as something special:…

Aug 4 2015
From left, Capt. Jules Chan (B.B.A. ’08), his mother Vanessa (M.A. ’98), father Julius and younger brother Jed Chan (B.A. ’15).

All in the Family

by Christina Mendez When Vanessa Chan (M.A. ’98) was a young mother and graduate student at St. Mary’s University in the 1990s, she often had to bring along her fourth…

Aug 3 2015
The monument in Orsan

A Sacred Duty

Group of History students solves the mystery of a downed American pilot from World War II by Andrew Festa He was their champion, yet they never saw him alive. They…

Jul 21 2015
Dr. V treats a child's foot injury

The Good Doctor

Fifteen years after a planned retirement, alumna Sylvia Villarreal is helping patients as a pediatrician and owner of a small-town clinic in New Mexico. by Alex Salinas (B.A. ’11) Every…

Jul 21 2015
StMU Faculty Kathleen Gallagher

Actions Reflect Passion

Professor spearheads transformative initiatives by Anndria Flores (B.A. ’12) Kathleen Gallagher, Ph.D., has lived a life filled with adventure — and a bit of danger. She spent seven years trekking…

Jul 21 2015
Judy Reyes outside the Rockefeller Center in New York City

An American Dream

Alumna works to improve well-being of humanity by Anndria Flores (B.A. ’12) Judy Reyes (B.A. ’01) was just 4 when her family moved to the Texas border town of Mission…

Jul 21 2015
From left, Rick Diaz (B.B.A. ’09), Albert Cruz (B.B.A. ’06), Matt Sisneros (B.B.A. ’12), and Alfonso Diaz (B.B.A. ’07)

Rattlers of Wall Street

by Jasmine Garcia (B.A. ’11) A Wall Street work week is not your typical work week. It means long hours — 70 to 90 per week — in a fast-paced…

Jul 21 2015
Erika Rendon, on the National Mall

Tweet, Post, Repeat.

by Jasmine Garcia (B.A. ’11) Just a few years after graduating from St. Mary’s University, Erika Rendon (B.B.A. ’12) is doing things she only dreamed of as a student. Now…

Jun 3 2015
Matt McClain

Rattler Pitches a Perfect Tribute

by Robin Johnson and Chad Peters On Feb. 21, 2014, St. Mary’s baseball pitcher Matt McClain had a game for the ages, tossing a nine-inning no-hitter against Rogers State. He…

Apr 30 2015
Malak Abouhenidi, the creator of the app

Alumna Helps Patients “Live Happy”

by Alex Salinas (B.A. ’11) Inspiration can come from unexpected places. For Malak Abouhenidi (M.S. ’14), it was from reading a novel titled Before I Go to Sleep, a psychological…

Apr 28 2015
Rattler staff members holding their hard-earned awards

Student Newspaper Brings Home 18 Awards

The Rattler newspaper won 18 awards at the 2015 Texas Intercollegiate Press Association Convention, held at the El Tropicano Hotel in San Antonio. The Rattler again took first for overall…

Apr 27 2015
first-year undergraduate student, Barbara Falcon-Mendoza (left) with Rep. Justin Rodriguez (right)

St. Mary’s Students Experience the Legislative Process

By Anndria Flores Each year the Frank Madla & Irma Rangel Texas Legislative Internship Program at St. Mary’s University provides St. Mary’s undergraduate and graduate students with opportunities to experience…

Mar 23 2015
Trinidad Agosto

The New Guard

As the population of professed Marianists in the United States continues to decline, two recent St. Mary’s University graduates are among the few, but proud, who are stepping up by Alex…

Mar 23 2015
Hardberger stands near the Medina Lake dam

More Than Rain

Law professor advocates for access to water as a basic human right by Jennifer R. Lloyd Assistant Professor of Law Amy Hardberger does not remember a time when she wasn’t…

Mar 23 2015
Anamaria Suescun-Fast in front of some of her pieces of collateral

We Are Chameleons

Alum enjoys the changing environment of a PR agency by Nicolette Good On any given day, Anamaria Suescun-Fast (B.A. ’91) could be talking about water quality, groceries or diaper rash…

Mar 9 2015
StMU Faculty David Turner

Tapping into Sustainability

by Alex Salinas (B.A. ’11) Environmental Science prof leads way to St. Mary’s first water-sustainable tank When St. Mary’s University revealed its first rainwater harvesting tank – a 5,050-gallon, 10-foot-tall…

Feb 24 2015
Bertrand reads to a group of San Antonio elementary students during a recent visit.

Professor Fills Gaps in Children’s Literature

By Anndria Flores When St. Mary’s professor and writer-in-residence, Diane Gonzales-Bertrand’s children were growing up, she realized she couldn’t find many children’s books her family could identify with. In the…

Feb 5 2015
Assumption Chapel

A Pivotal Part of St. Mary’s History

When Ruben M. Escobedo (B.B.A. ’60) was a student at St. Mary’s, he often turned to Assumption Chapel in Reinbolt Hall for a place to reflect. “I spent a good…

Nov 20 2014

Let There Be Light

Gala and art sale benefiting art education scholarships The beauty of The Saint John’s Bible, acquired by St. Mary’s University last year, seems to move everyone who experiences it, so…

Nov 19 2014
Brian Anderson

Meet Brian: The Game Changer

by Christina Mendez Brian Anderson (B.A. ’93) has been calling games for nearly two decades, but he’s getting ready to tackle a whole new broadcasting adventure. Anderson will be on…

Nov 19 2014
Chuck Kerr

Mr. Variety

Alum Chuck Kerr (B.A. ’07) has landed a job as art director of Variety magazine – a holy grail for any graphic designer, and a big jump from his previous…

Nov 19 2014
Roberto Rosas

Man of Mexico

Law Professor Leads a Fight for Mexican Voting Rights by Anndria Flores (B.A. ’12) Roberto Rosas’ résumé is impressive: consultant to the Mexican government on public administration projects, the CEO…

Nov 12 2014
A man reads to an audience during the Community Reading Experience

Community Reading Experience Attracts Over 200 Attendees

by Anndria Flores (B.A. ’12) This year the English and Communications Studies department decided to take an alternate approach to the annual Community Reading Experience (CRE), spearheaded by Melissa Scully, Visiting…

Oct 30 2014
Dianne Gonzales-Bertrand

St. Mary’s English Professor Named Finalist

St. Mary’s University English Professor Diane Gonzales Bertrand was named a finalist at the Writers’ League of Texas Book Awards for her book of poetry, Dawn Flower (Pecan Grove Press)….

Oct 28 2014
Guardians of the University

Guardians of the University

Leave wide-eyed, first-generation college students alone in the vast expanse of academia, and there are bound to be some dudes and damsels in distress. Too many are endangered by one…

Oct 27 2014
Line waiting to get into the drama production

Student-directed Production Draws Large Crowd

[cby Anndria Flores (B.A.’12) The student-directed production of The Girl in the Mirror was a hit on the St. Mary’s University campus. The fall 2014 drama featured a young woman struggling…

Oct 6 2014
Naranjo midway up a huge tree

Small Encounter Led Alum to International Career

by Alex Salinas (B.A. ’11) Shortly before graduating from St. Mary’s University with a degree in Corporate Finance, Eric Naranjo (B.B.A. ’02) was lucky enough to have two job offers…

Jun 18 2014
Cheryl Oldham

Wanted: Educated Workforce

by Anndria Flores (B.A. ’12) As vice president of education policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Cheryl Oldham (J.D. ’93) influences U.S. education policy on behalf of the nation’s…

Jun 18 2014
Jason Valendy

Methodist Minister, Marianist Twist

by Andrew Festa As a teenager, Jason Valendy (B.A. ’04) considered pursuing a career in ministry. His only stumbling block was a doozy: He didn’t particularly like “church.” The way…

Jun 18 2014
Richard Bauer with a student using a computer

Beating the Market

by Katherine Benavides (B.A.’13) It seemed like the odds were against Finance Professors Richard Bauer, Ph.D., and Adrian Cowan, Ph.D. In the fall of 2007, when the University approved a…

Jun 18 2014
StMU Faculty Colin McQuillan

Bland and Disinterested

Philosophy prof looks at differences in aesthetic values between Chinese and Western art by Candy Kuebker (B.A. ’78) Aesthetics is an area of philosophy that examines the creation and appreciation…

Jun 18 2014
Charles Merkel

Mr. Globetrotter

Alum has traveled to nearly 150 countries. Top that. by Gina Farrell (M.P.A.’11) Charles Merkel’s lifelong fascination — some might call it an obsession — with travel can be traced…

Jun 18 2014
Gabriel Sanchez, Ph.D.

Politics, Race and Numbers

St. Mary’s alum is in the thick of the public debate about how changing Hispanic demographics are influencing policy and politics in the U.S. by Gina Farrell (M.P.A. ’11) Let…

Jun 4 2014
Susan Oxley

Chemicals by Design

by Chris Jarvis Susan Oxley, Ph.D., doesn’t mince words when explaining chemistry’s place in the world. “You can be a doctor and help thousands of people, or you can be…

Jun 4 2014
Albert Hindrichs

A Champion for Clean Water

When Albert Hindrichs (B.A. ’83) talks to community members about water sustainability, he often asks the same question: “Who thinks water quality is better today than it was 40 years…

Jun 4 2014
Cristina Dominguez-Eshelman

Alum Wants Community Farming to be About More Than Food

Cristina Dominguez-Eshelman (B.A. ’02) is a foodie, but not the cooking-show-watching, dinner-party-hosting kind of foodie. She’s passionate about food’s role in public health, as well as its impact on social justice…

May 7 2014
Nicole Trahan

A Nun for Our Times

by Candace Kuebker (B.A. ’78) Nicole Trahan wasn’t a practicing Catholic growing up, and she didn’t hear about the Marianists until after college. But at age 38, she took final…

Mar 21 2014
Wilson Guthungu uses faith to transform conflict in Kenya

Conflict Transformation in Kenya

The Academic Certificate in Conflict Transformation is a global classroom geared toward people working on the ground in conflict and post-conflict zones. It is marked by the same academic rigor…

Mar 11 2014
Lianna Duran in her ranger uniform, standing in front of snow-capped mountains

Every day is an adventure

“Close your eyes for a moment and think about home,” Lianna Duran tells visitors to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. “Now, open them.” As an interpretive park ranger at Yellowstone…

Mar 10 2014
Kate Fannin

The Modern Marketer

Business School alumna makes her mark in the world of beauty by Katherine Benavides (B.A. ’13) Kate (Szecsy) Fannin (B.B.A. ’95) sits in her Seattle office looking at beauty blogs,…

Mar 10 2014
Tennis player Michael Maciel on the St. Mary's tennis courts with a racket hitting a tennis ball toward the camera

Serving Up Service

Tennis player and Greehey Scholar Michael Maciel wants kids to have a chance in his sport of choice. by Robin Johnson (B.A. ’11, M.A. ’13) As a St. Mary’s freshman,…

Mar 10 2014
Beverly Lindsay

Diplomacy Through Education

Alumna puts her educational experience to work in international projects by Gina Farrell (M.P.A. ’11) At her core, Beverly Lindsay, Ph.D., Ed.D. (B.A. ’69), is a diplomat. “Diplomacy occurs in…

Mar 7 2014
Aaron Tyler closeup

Lessons in Peace

Aaron Tyler believes that faith – any faith – can be the foundation for transforming conflict by Nicolette Good Aaron Tyler grew up in the Baptist religious tradition, the son of…

Mar 7 2014
Jessie Smith - Blame it on Facebook?

Blame it on Facebook?

Some people are social media gurus. Some are relationship experts. Jessie Smith is both. by Andrew Festa The St. Mary’s doctoral student in the Marriage and Family Therapy program recently…

Mar 7 2014
Lorenzo Gonzalez

The Unknown Cost of Agent Orange

Alum’s search for answers ends in milestone achievement for Vietnam vets living with Parkinson’s by Chris Jarvis Lorenzo Gonzalez (B.S. ’79) served three tours during the Vietnam War, but his…

Mar 7 2014
Students with STEM equipment

Tools of the Trade

Compiled by Chris Jarvis Labs in the School of Science, Engineering and Technology have received an infusion of cutting-edge technology – almost a half-million dollars’ worth – thanks to grants…

Mar 7 2014
Dr. Galeleldeen with a model of DNA

In Search of a Cure

Biological Sciences prof compares normal and abnormal genes to shed light on Lou Gehrig’s disease by Chris Jarvis Ahmad Galaleldeen, Ph.D., was a doctoral student when his faculty mentor showed…

Nov 8 2013
Meghan Garza-Oswald, MBA student

Happy Coincidences

MBA student is on a path to help others by Carmel Tajonera Meghan Garza-Oswald is all about helping people in a way that is life changing and sustainable. But life…

Nov 4 2013
Engineering printer in the School of Science, Engineering and Technology

A 3-D Revolution

St. Mary’s Engineering Lab Keeps Pace with Technology Trend by Chris Jarvis The technology of 3-D printers has been common in the news, with their ability to make just about…

Nov 1 2013
Leland Blank in the UAE

Called Out of Retirement

After more than 40 years, Leland Blank is still giving back to higher education by Chris Jarvis By the time Leland T. Blank, Ph.D. (B.S. ’67), stepped down in 2005…

Oct 31 2013
Michael Galligan-Stierle (B.A. '72)

What Catholic Colleges Are Getting Right

A Q-and-A with Michael Galligan-Stierle, Ph.D. (B.A. ’72), President and CEO of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities In 2013, Michael Galligan-Stierle visited St. Mary’s, his alma mater, to talk…

Oct 31 2013
Ornate door in Turkey

An Adventurer and a Scholar

International Relations graduate student is learning the language of Turkey, and much more by Gina Farrell (M.P.A. ’11) Travis Wessler’s first experience in Turkey came a few years ago while he…

Oct 25 2013
Tom Mengler helps plant a tre in Haiti

Finding God’s Glory

by Thomas M. Mengler Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit is most visibly present in the least among us – something I witnessed firsthand during a transformative visit to…

Oct 22 2013
Alicia Wagner Calzada (J.D. ’10)

A Camera is Not a Weapon

by Nicolette Good Alicia Wagner Calzada (J.D. ’10) spent two decades behind her camera lens as a photojournalist, capturing some of the most devastating, exciting and momentous events for magazines…

Oct 2 2013
Participants light their candles during the IPP event at the Bell Tower

St. Mary’s Joins International Pilgrimage for Peace

by Daniel Cedillo (Class of 2015) In the spirit of William Joseph Chaminade’s vision of community and diversity, St. Mary’s University played host to the interfaith, intercultural tradition of the…

Sep 23 2013
Pastor Dave

Pastor Dave: Soul Director

Silver hair combed back, dressed in clerical garb, David Brockhouse (B.B.A. ’88) looks like a man at peace — a man who is right where he wants to be. But…

Sep 6 2013
Kristen Burress

More Ways to Sing Than Loud

Senior Kristen Burress blends two passions while presenting research at a national conference Kristen Burress is one lucky student who had the opportunity to combine her two passions: history and…

Jul 24 2013
Homer Ahr with a model rocket

Homer’s Space Odyssey

Name: Homer Ahr (B.S. ’68) Hometown: Corpus Christi, now lives northwest of Austin in Horseshoe Bay Major: Computer Science Occupation: Retired IBMer You’d never know that: He and his wife,…

Jul 24 2013
Developing Telekinesis to Overcome Gravity

Behind the Magic Eye

Artist James Joffe, M.F.A., must have a soft spot for viewers who, as children, flipped through the newspaper to the funnies just for the Magic Eye. On first viewing, the…

Jul 24 2013
Dr. Johnson in his office in front of a world map

All the World’s a Classroom

Jeff Johnson, Ph.D., is a well-versed expert of foreign entrepreneurial practices. As director of the Center for Global Business Studies in the Bill Greehey School of Business and an Associate…

Jul 24 2013
Samantha Bezdek eating a bowl of rice

Peace Corps Volunteer Finds Family 9,000 Miles From Home

There’s no electricity in the hut that Samantha Bezdek (B.A. ’10), a Peace Corps volunteer, calls home. Stationed in the impoverished coastal village of Manafiafy, Madagascar, Bezdek gets fresh water from…

Jul 24 2013
Steve Acevedo

Director Makes His Own Luck

Steve Acevedo (B.A. ’00) knows how fortunate he is to have a rising career as a director and cinematographer in Hollywood. “It’s a difficult industry to break into, and I’m…

Jul 24 2013

A Rancher’s Call

Alum Continues Family’s 200-year Struggle on the Texas Range Sometimes, when he’s driving through South Texas, Rafael Ricardo “Rick” Ramirez feels his jaw clench and his grip tighten on the…

Jul 23 2013
Rebuilding the lives of wounded warriors

Bowed Not Broken

Aleigha Barrera is executive director of a nonprofit with big plans, but she’s not your typical CEO. It’s more likely you’ll find her wearing sneakers and workout clothes than a…

May 20 2013
An E-Scholar on an international trip

Earning A’s For Entrepreneurial Effort

The Texas Economy (TE), a publication of the Texas Comptroller’s office, wanted to learn more about the E-Scholars Program offered at the Meadows Center for Entrepreneurial Studies located in the Bill…

Apr 5 2013
St. Mary's School of Law graduate Terry Mitchell poses in a building showing off the Austin view from downtown.

Law Grad Looks to Move People Back to the City

Terry Mitchell (J.D. ‘83) doesn’t want to talk about the woeful realities of modern city living, like stark landscapes and excessive traffic snarls. He would rather talk about his vision of…

Apr 5 2013

What Does it Take to Become a CEO?

“My undergraduate degree got me the job, but it’s the liberal arts that got me the CEO chair,” said Ed Speed (B.B.A. ’70, M.A. ’86), who completed master’s and post-master’s…

Apr 5 2013
Rick Casey (B.A. '68)

A Q&A with a Texas Journalism Icon

Name: Rick Casey Occupation: Host of the local PBS affiliate’s TV show “Texas Week with Rick Casey” Hometown: St. Louis, but calls Texas home Today, you’d never know that he:…

Apr 5 2013
Olivia exposing a headdress

Alumna Unearths an Ancient Warrior Queen

Olivia Navarro-Farr, Ph.D. (B.A. ’98), and a team of archaeologists made a career-defining discovery in the summer of 2012: In a collapsed chamber in Guatemala was the tome of Lady…

Apr 4 2013
Patricia Owen, Ph.D., poses in a San Antonio movie theater.

In the Movies, Life Does Not Imitate Art

It’s the kind of happy ending that makes Patricia Owen, Ph.D., shake her head. The 1998 blockbuster “A Beautiful Mind,” starring Russell Crowe, depicts a brilliant mathematician obsessed with his…

Apr 4 2013
Amber McClung, Ph.D., who teaches Mechanical Engineering, poses with equipment in her lab.

Engineering a Better World

Among her areas of study, Amber McClung, Ph.D., lists creating models for high-temperature polymer-matrix composites. Stay with me here. What that means, to you and me, is that she’s tested…

Apr 4 2013
Dan Weyland

Denver Daredevil

The scene unfolds rather predictably whenever Dan Weyland tells someone he owns a race car. “They look at me,” the 73-year-old says, “and they say, ‘You’re doing what? Do you…

Feb 5 2013
Burke Marold

Law Alum Says No to Graffiti, Yes to Giving Back

Burke Marold (J.D., MBA ’11) is a young, entrepreneurial attorney full of ideas and plans for the future. He is taking it upon himself to stimulate corporate philanthropy in the…

Feb 5 2013
John Santikos

Alum Made His Mark in the Movie Theater Business

In 1900, L. Frank Baum published the children’s novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. In the story, it is revealed that the Wizard isn’t an all-powerful master as others believe;…

Feb 5 2013

Twenty Years of PREP Work

For more than 14 years, San Antonio teacher Marisa Medellin (B.A. ’00) has spent her summers teaching technical writing to promising middle and high school students. But for Medellin, it’s…

Feb 5 2013
Paul Saenz (B.A. '79)

At the Top of His Game

Tim Duncan, Gregg Popovich and R.C. Buford: Three names that are synonymous with the San Antonio Spurs’ championship successes. But there’s another name you might not know, that of a…

Feb 5 2013
Mary Ellen Londrie

CEO Saves Taxpayer Dollars, Improve Lives

Few people’s to-do lists include training flight surgeons, setting up military computer networks, and responding to life-threatening pandemics. But these are only a sampling of a routine day for Mary…

Feb 5 2013
Former MARC student Crystal Loya

The Secret to Their Success

For almost 30 years, a federally funded program with a long name and lofty goals has been quietly helping talented St. Mary’s University students find their purpose in research careers…

Jan 25 2013
Mark Bagg

Healing and Innovation Go Hand-in-Hand

When Mark Bagg (B.A. ’81) looks back on his 26-year career as an orthopaedic hand surgeon in the United States Army, he has plenty to be proud of. Perhaps the…

Jan 25 2013
Switchgrass as biofuel diagram

From the Ground Up

You could say that watching grass grow is as exciting as, well, watching grass grow. But for Zack Valdez (B.S.’10), it is not only stimulating work but also the focus…

Jan 25 2013
Tina Garza (B.S. '91)

From At-risk Undergrad to Chief Mentor

Tina Garza (B.S. ’91) came to St. Mary’s University as a third-generation American, but a first-generation college student from a family with an income she delicately described as “of a…

Jan 25 2013
Bjorn Dybdahl (B.A. '70)

Alumnus Known as Retail Trailblazer

Bjorn Dybdahl is big in San Antonio, but he’s a giant in the world of consumer electronics. Dybdahl (B.A. ’70), the founder of Bjorn’s Audio Video, entered the Consumer Electronic…

Jan 24 2013
StMU Faculty Marshall McCue

Form Meets Function

Biological sciences professor Marshall McCue, Ph.D., wants to learn not just how living things work, but why they work the way they do. Why can a snake survive without food…

Jan 24 2013
Student researcher Ewa Nowara

Pursuing Her Passion

Ewa Nowara, a junior Biophysics major and a citizen of Poland, had wanted very much to perform undergraduate research at St. Mary’s. However, because most undergraduate research is funded by…

Jan 24 2013
StMU Faculty David Sommer

Risks and Rewards

David Sommer, Ph.D., knows that good risk management is essential to business success and survival. Bad risk management? Well, that’s what happened in 2008. “The entire financial crisis of recent…

Jan 22 2013
Dr. Colette Daubner in her office

More Than Meets the Eye

Biological Sciences Professor Colette Daubner has a doctorate in biological chemistry and spends hours squinting at spectrophotometer readings to find clues about how enzymes influence ways the human brain works….

Nov 15 2012
Evelynn Mitchell, Ph.D., instructs students at Enchanted Rock.

No Boundaries

By Andrew Festa In the new Environmental Science program, classrooms don’t always have walls. For professors Evelyn Mitchell, Ph.D., David Turner, Ph.D., and Melissa Karlin, Ph.D., who are leading the…

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