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Welcome to the Rattler Success Center!

At the Rattler Success Center at St. Mary’s University, our goal is for every student to be fully equipped to achieve their academic and personal development potential. It is our mission to build skills that help our students graduate and pursue a meaningful career. 

As your dedicated student success center, the Rattler Success Center partners with all students to ensure academic excellence and empowerment through proactive professional advising, life skills training and comprehensive academic programming.  

The Rattler Success Center offers free services that include subject and writing tutoring, academic peer coaching, professional academic success coaching and academic advising. For additional assistance, please email us at

This became my second home when I realized that I didn’t have to be scared to be myself. I didn’t have to be scared to ask questions. I didn’t have to think that someone would judge me because I didn’t know something.”

Victoria Van Winkle,
Business Management major

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Rattler Success Center Services

The Center offers a range of programs to support every aspect of our students’ academic lives and keep them on course for success. 

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Academic Advising 

All freshmen and transfer students are assigned academic advisers who provide individualized support for students as they transition to St. Mary’s and offer guidance as they prepare a plan that leads to graduation. 

A student sits with an academic peer coach with a laptop in front of them

Academic Peer Coaching 

The Rattler Success Center recognizes that students are challenged by juggling college, work and life. Peer coaches can help navigate your way to success. 

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Our dedicated student tutors are passionate about their chosen field of study and are available to provide help to their fellow students, no matter the subject.

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Writing Center 

Students in all majors are expected to have a clear grasp of written communication. The Writing Center is here to assist on research papers, essays and all other writing needs.

Academic Success Coaching 

Academic Success Coaching provides one-on-one guidance to help students develop and achieve their academic goals. An academic success coach is available to partner with sophomores, juniors and seniors who may be experiencing challenges that impact their academic success.


RattlerNavigate is your go-to tool for all things student success. From making appointments with advisers and tutors to tracking your to-do list, the RattlerNavigate app is designed to provide all the resources you need to thrive at St. Mary’s University. View your class schedule, pair up with study partners, and learn about all the student support services offered on campus using the all-in-one app.

  • Are you a graduate student looking for support?

    The Graduate Center for Excellence, located on the third floor of the Blume Library, is a collaborative learning space designed exclusively for St. Mary’s masters and doctoral students to collaborate with classmates and students from other disciplines. The Graduate Center coordinates programming with the Rattler Success Center to support graduate student success, including orientation, and seminars to support research and writing and statistics.

Academic Success Coaching

An Academic Success Coach is a professional who works with students to help them achieve their academic goals by listening and tailoring advice based on the student’s needs. All continuing students who would like to discuss ways to improve their academic performance can meet with the Academic Success Coach to troubleshoot issues and concerns that may be keeping them from being successful in their classes.

Some students may be required to meet with the academic success coach as part of academic probation requirements. Additionally, students who are considering not attending St. Mary’s in the future or are withdrawing from the current semester also meet with the Academic Success Coach to discuss their options and help them make informed decisions.

• Identify obstacles impacting academic success
• Create an academic recovery plan
• Develop time management skills
• Establish healthy study habits
• Learn more campus resources
• Cultivate Self-Advocacy
• Discuss withdrawal or transfer options
• Create SMART goals
• Discuss their strengths and areas of growth

Appointments can be one time or regularly scheduled, depending on student’s needs.

Benefits of Academic Success Coaching

  • Questions?

    Reach out to the Rattler Success Center with any questions about our services. 

    Rattler Success Center
    Blume Library, Third Floor 

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