St. Mary’s University believes in nurturing holistic education that extends beyond traditional academic programs. Our Centers and Institutes are at the forefront of this mission, offering innovative platforms to engage the public and empower students for real world leadership roles. From exploring the Catholic faith to fostering business innovation, supporting academic research, and promoting international business studies, each Center and Institute plays a vital role in shaping our students’ experiences and preparing them for success.

Academic and Professional Centers

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Center for Cyber Excellence

The Center for Cyber Excellence at St. Mary’s University provides guidance and general cyber defense information, and promotes collaboration and interaction with other students, faculty and programs.

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Center for Global Business Studies

The Center for Global Business Studies is focused on developing international business knowledge and skills, cultural and linguistic proficiency, and high impact, experiential learning opportunities for students and faculty in the Greehey School of Business as well as for regional business leaders.

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Meadows Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

Brother Paul Goelz, S.M., Ph.D. established the Meadows Center for Entrepreneurial Studies in 1981 to focus on the career preparation of students who plan to initiate and operate their own businesses.

Community for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning fosters a supportive community for faculty to strengthen teaching and learning at St. Mary’s University. As such, we aim to build the collective knowledge of teaching and learning among all faculty including tenure, untenured, visiting, adjunct and lecturers.

Faith Centers

Center for Catholic Studies

The Center for Catholic Studies at St. Mary’s University has both strong support and an ambitious mission to encourage faculty, staff and students to explore the Catholic Intellectual Tradition and its impact on knowledge, culture and faith.

Community Institutions

SABÉR Research Institute

The SABÉR Research Institute is an economic development think tank dedicated to researching regional economies and their development. The Institute is committed to providing expert counsel and research to organizations such as city government and businesses.

San Antonio King Sejong Institute

The San Antonio King Sejong Institute at St. Mary’s University is supported by the South Korean government and in partnership with Dongseo University of South Korea. The King Sejong Institute (KSI) fosters and supports education in Korean language and culture through academic and non-academic courses and programming.

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