St. Mary’s Law supports students all the way to the bar exam

Law school can feel like one hurdle after another. St. Mary’s University School of Law saw a need to extend support to students beyond graduation. In true Marianist charism form, this extra helping hand comes in the form of the Raise the Bar program.

Barrera family builds legacy from San Antonio to Supreme Court

Both Roy Barrera Sr. and Roy Barrera Jr., along with nearly a dozen other family members, have obtained either an undergraduate degree, a law degree or both from St. Mary's University. That education took Barrera Sr. all the way to role of Texas Secretary of State.

Three generations of women fulfill law dreams at St. Mary’s University

With three generations having walked the halls of the St. Mary's University's School of Law, the Hon. Carter Casteel said she wouldn’t have entrusted their law education to just anywhere.

Puerto Rican alum finds extension of home at St. Mary’s Law

Puerto Rico, known for its vibrant culture and history, decadent cuisine, and majestic beaches and mountains, is a tourist destination for some. But for Carlos Chévere-Lugo, J.D. (LL.M. ’17, LL.M. ’18), the U.S. territory is home.

Professor Chenglin Liu’s research serves public health

You can trace Professor of Law Chenglin “Gary” Liu’s interest in public health back to his early days researching organic foods. Now, he dedicates his career to academic research and learning.

Criminal Justice Clinic students provide support for those in need

As part of the Criminal Justice Clinic, eight students with the School of Law worked with the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office Conviction Integrity Unit.

St. Mary’s University School of Law faculty in the books

The St. Mary’s University School of Law’s faculty do more than teach — they also share their expertise in specific fields in publications.

Law grad turned injustice into career purpose

If you’ve been on campus at the St. Mary’s University School of Law in the last three years, you’ve likely heard the name or been in the gravitational pull of Cody Huffman (J.D. ’23).

St. Mary’s Law student helps marginalized communities

During her Spring 2023 semester, from the St. Mary’s University campus, J.D. student Leslie Espiricueta was helping fight for a Georgia Innocence Project client who has served 25 years in prison.

Leading Ladies: Patricia Roberts nurtures leaders as the School of Law Dean

When Patricia Roberts, J.D., first came to understand injustices, she was 12 years old. After finding out that some innocent people go to jail, she resolved to become a lawyer and help right some of those wrongs.

School of Law professor elucidates ethics in the legal field

Legal ethics expert and professor Michael S. Ariens continuously strives to be the type of author he wants to read. He hopes to be that author who writes the book on the niche topic his readers need most.

St. Mary’s Law graduates nine alumni from one family

The St. Mary’s University School of Law graduates alumni from all over the world, but the Dowd family from St. Louis produces School of Law graduates en masse.

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