Summer 2016

Brews and Bros

What started as a friendship among St. Mary’s classmates — and a shared love of brewing beer — has turned into Busted Sandal Brewing Company, which opened in San Antonio in 2013.

You Don’t Know Sumo

Jessica Brower has, perhaps, the best icebreaker in the history of conversation. The diminutive St. Mary’s University senior tells people, quite matter-of-factly, that she’s a sumo wrestler.

Breaking for Service

Spring break is not often synonymous with volunteerism and sacrifice, but since 1999 groups of St. Mary’s University students have spent the week giving to others, through a transformational experience called Alternative Spring Break.

The Stars Aligned

As a public affairs officer for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Katie Hambleton (B.A. ’04) gives the public the inside scoop on the latest space initiatives, like a new capsule that’s going to take people deeper into space than ever before.

The Caretaker

When St. Mary’s senior and triple major Enrique Torres Hernandez was a young boy, his father told him something he never forgot. “You’re the man of the house while I’m at work,” his father said as he left for work that day. “You take care of your mother and brother.”

Modern-Day Renaissance Man

Anthony Quesada (B.S. ’16) is something of a renaissance man. In his four years at St. Mary’s University, he was a tutor, dancer, singer and, according to the numbers, an outstanding medical scholar.

Good Fortune and Karma

Kristal Cuevas quit her corporate job and found her calling in a yoga studio. Eager for a change of pace away from the fluorescent lights and 9-to-5 office setting, she started a retail job. Cuevas enjoyed the position, but it wasn’t until she attended a yoga class that she discovered her calling.

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