Summer 2015

All in the Family

When Vanessa Chan (M.A. ’98) was a young mother and graduate student at St. Mary’s University in the 1990s, she often had to bring along her fourth grader and preschooler to study groups in the Blume Library.

A Sacred Duty

For 71 years, French citizens in the small village of Orsan have been celebrating the memory of an American fighter pilot who died in a crash there during World War II. They waited for a chance to give a section of his blood-stained, green silk parachute to his family.

Leopold makes – and breaks – the mold for law faculty

Professor of Law Aloysius A. Leopold (B.A. ’70, J.D. ’62) espouses the firm opinion that teaching is not learned. “It’s a talent you are born with, but you can always refine it.”

Actions Reflect Passion

Kathleen Gallagher, Ph.D., has lived a life filled with adventure — and a bit of danger. She spent seven years trekking around Nepal, lived through a strong earthquake there and once witnessed her Nepalese classmates being arrested during a major political shakedown.

An American Dream

Judy Reyes (B.A. ’01) was just 4 when her family moved to the Texas border town of Mission from Mexico. Her dad, a professor in Mexico, stayed behind and visited on weekends, while her mom worked in a convenience store.

Rattlers of Wall Street

A Wall Street work week is not your typical work week. It means long hours — 70 to 90 per week — in a fast-paced and competitive atmosphere. But there are St. Mary’s University graduates whose educational foundation and drive prepared them to thrive in this pressure-cooker environment, holding their own alongside graduates from top-tier schools.

Tweet, Post, Repeat.

Just a few years after graduating from St. Mary’s University, Erika Rendon (B.B.A. ’12) is doing things she only dreamed of as a student.

Rattler Pitches a Perfect Tribute

On Feb. 21, 2014, St. Mary’s baseball pitcher Matt McClain had a game for the ages, tossing a nine-inning no-hitter against Rogers State. He struck out 12 in Rattler baseball’s first no hitter since the 2007 season and just the second in at least 12 years.

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