New Vice Provost leads renamed Career and Professional Development Center

In her new role as Vice Provost for Vocation and Career Services, Stephanie Ward sees her mission as a simple one: helping students find purpose in their careers.

Kenyan alumna breaks barriers in leadership role at footwear company

Jeddidah Thotho (B.B.A. ’98) is as self-assured stepping off a global planning call for Bata Shoe Kenya PLC — the country’s largest footwear company — as she is stepping into her favorite pair of Bata Comfit boots to care for her two children.

Management majors launch woman-owned fashion businesses

For some St. Mary’s University students, like Management major Nadia Carrasco-Vasquez, who graduated this May, owning a business is a lifelong dream — in her case, since childhood days in her mom’s coffee shop in Arizona.

St. Mary’s programs fight COVID-19 job loss

Laura Thompson was in the midst of organizing a natural hair event at San Antonio’s Henry B. González Convention Center when COVID-19 spread across the region in Spring 2020.

MBA student and entrepreneur hones vocation toward common good at St. Mary’s

Nick Ramos, who turned 26 in May, had already launched a couple of businesses before he enrolled in the Master of Business Administration program at St. Mary’s University in 2020.

Pivoting with excellence: Sung-Tae (Daniel) Kim

In an effort to spotlight those who are Pivoting with Excellence, Gold & Blue sat down with business professor Sung-Tae (Daniel) Kim.

Pivoting with excellence: Robbie Bishop-Monroe

In an effort to spotlight those who are Pivoting with Excellence, Gold & Blue sat down with business professor Robbie Bishop-Monroe.

Big Solve: Bridging Economic Divides

Economic divide — it’s the common threat to a global society. For example, mango farmers in Haiti earn 2% of revenues for their labor. That’s only two cents for every dollar of mangoes sold.

Alum to help San Antonio’s economy by boosting entrepreneurship

Flourishing through innovation underpins not only Rene Dominguez’s life, but also his career in economic development in the Alamo City.

Understanding industrial organizational psychology propels new career options

Studies consistently show the most promising careers now require “softer” relationship-oriented abilities paired with strong analytical skills. For instance, the role of human resources manager landed in the 35th slot among 800 fastest growing occupational fields in the United States.

Certificate program fills gap in soaring demand for business intelligence experts

Predictions show the world will generate 163 zettabytes of data annually by 2025, according to the research group IDC. Businesses are forecast to create and manage 60% of that data.

Management major launches online luxury eyelash business

Nadia Carrasco-Vasquez hadn’t been at St. Mary’s University a full semester before thinking, “I’m tired of being broke. I need to do something with my education.”

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