Fall 2015

Summer Jobs for a New Generation: Sara Guarino, Senior Psychology Major

Sara Guarino has been observing beluga whale behavior at Sea World San Antonio for a few semesters. But this summer, her research got real. So real that she traveled 4,000 miles and then hopped on a boat in the Alaska’s Cook Inlet to see the natural behaviors of beluga whales in the wild.

Small-town Biology major makes most of big opportunities

“This has definitely required balancing social life and academics,” Romo said. “There have been lots of nights where I’ve sacrificed going out with friends or just hanging out, but I know it’s all worth it in the long run.”

Business alumna shares her internship experience

Students hear it all the time — internships provide essential opportunities to build real-world experience before graduation. But for alumna Kelsey Myers (B.B.A. ’14), relationship manager at USAA, her internship did that and more.

Tiny Brains, Big Science

In the world of neuroscientist Denise Ramirez, Ph.D. (B.S. ’03), minds are a terrible thing to waste — literally. In this case, the brains in question belong to mice and rats. Ramirez spends her days researching the brains of rodents, trying to better understand how they work.

Summer Jobs for a New Generation: Kayla Berger, Senior Electrical Engineering Major

Out of control wildfires are devastating to people and property, and perhaps no danger is greater than that of the first responders who are fighting the fires.

Summer Jobs for a New Generation: Chris Chavez, Senior Computer Engineering Major

As the number of people worldwide using cellphones and wireless Internet increases every year, so does the need for the virtual space through which the signals travel. Without that, the world is heading for a major traffic jam on the information superhighway.

Summer Jobs for a New Generation: Alex Salinas, Junior Environmental Science Major

Summer internships are experiences designed to expand the world of undergraduates. But for one St. Mary’s University junior, it was a summer living in a bubble. Well, sort of.

Summer Jobs for A New Generation: Sarah Cantu, Senior Marketing Major

By the time Sarah Cantu started looking for her senior year summer internship, she had already done work two summers before in software branding and social media — not surprising for a Marketing major.

Law alum’s high-flying career makes for model mentor

Her interest in corporate and securities law led her to the San Antonio law firm Oppenheimer, Rosenberg, Kelleher and Wheatley, at which she was the first woman to become a partner.

A Rewarding Risk

Some of the joys — and frustrations — that can come soon after college include buying a new car or home. And following these major purchases is buying insurance, which today is touted as being as easy as making a few clicks or a phone call.

The Punk Rock Scientist

Questioning authority. Thinking independently. Not accepting things at face value. These themes are found in punk rock music, which Jason Torres (B.A. ’07) began listening to in high school. Little did he know that his interest in the genre would, in some ways, later inspire his future in science.

The Year of the Rattler

St. Mary’s Athletics has strung together many impressive seasons in many different sports during recent years, but 2014-2015 will go down as something special: three sports in tight national championship chases, buzzer-beating playoff wins, and a record number of academic award winners, just to name a few.

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