Fall 2014

Common People, Uncommon Activism

In the 1950s, a Texas school district was forcing Mexican-American students to repeat the first grade three times. When alum Enrique Aleman Jr., Ph.D., uncovered his own mother’s childhood fight in this battle against inequality, he decided to chronicle the historic struggle.

Let There Be Light

The beauty of The Saint John’s Bible, acquired by St. Mary’s University last year, seems to move everyone who experiences it, so imagine the creative inspiration San Antonio’s favorite artists derived from it.

Business professor inspires students professionally

Students of David Sommer (B.B.A. ’89), Ph.D., Charles E. Cheever Chair of Risk Management, will tell you he’s the best at what he does in the classroom, but in the field of insurance, academics will tell you he’s in a league of his own.

Meet Brian: The Game Changer

Brian Anderson (B.A. ’93) has been calling games for nearly two decades, but he’s getting ready to tackle a whole new broadcasting adventure. Anderson will be on the air for the NFL on CBS — daunting, when you consider that the National Football League averages more than 17 million viewers per game.

Mr. Variety

Alum Chuck Kerr (B.A. ’07) has landed a job as art director of Variety magazine – a holy grail for any graphic designer, and a big jump from his previous role as the San Antonio Current’s art director when we last talked to him in the Fall 2012 issue.

Man of Mexico

Roberto Rosas’ résumé is impressive: consultant to the Mexican government on public administration projects, the CEO of a business consulting firm, a business manager, a former engineer for Kodak, and a canon lawyer.

Community Reading Experience Attracts Over 200 Attendees

This year the English and Communications Studies department decided to take an alternate approach to the annual Community Reading Experience (CRE), spearheaded by Melissa Scully, Visiting Lecturer of English and Communication Studies and Kathleen Maloney, Ph.D., Chair and Associate Professor of English and Communication Studies.

St. Mary’s English Professor Named Finalist

St. Mary’s University English Professor Diane Gonzales Bertrand was named a finalist at the Writers’ League of Texas Book Awards for her book of poetry, Dawn Flower.

International Relations Professor Delivers Lectures Around the World

When St. Mary’s Professor of International Relations, Larry Hufford, Ph.D., is not teaching, he spends much of his time working with several international peace research and peace education organizations.

Student-directed Production Draws Large Crowd

The student-directed production of The Girl in the Mirror was a hit on the St. Mary’s University campus. The fall 2014 drama featured a young woman struggling with depression and in need of help.

Small Encounter Led Alum to International Career

Shortly before graduating from St. Mary’s University with a degree in Corporate Finance, Eric Naranjo (B.B.A. ’02) was lucky enough to have two job offers in his field. Yet, wary of the market, he wasn’t sure what direction to head.

Economics Professor Creates Networking Opportunity for Students

Alejandro Velez, Ph.D., Professor of Economics, is passionate about teaching at St. Mary’s and providing students with opportunities to network with professional societies. This semester Velez invited his Introductory Microeconomics class to attend a luncheon at the Plaza Club.

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