In the Department of Languages at St. Mary’s University, students learn to think critically and write clearly about an array of literary, linguistic and cultural topics. These skills are strong preparation for careers in education, government, international business or for graduate and
doctoral studies.


About the ProgramSt Marys University

Students can pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, Spanish With Teacher Certification, or Multinational Organization Studies with a focus in Portuguese or Spanish. Students can also pursue minors and language certificates in select languages.

Students of all majors may take language courses to fulfill the requirements of the Core Curriculum.

For more information on the Languages program, see the Undergraduate Catalog.

Programs of Study

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Requires a minimum of 24 course hours within the major

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish With Teacher Certification

Requires a minimum of 24 course hours within the major, 21 course hours in Teacher Certification

Minor (Portuguese or Spanish)

Requires a minimum of four advanced courses within a chosen language

Language Certificate (German, Portuguese or Spanish)

Requires a minimum of two advanced courses within a chosen language

Additional Language Courses Offered

German, Japanese, Latin

Study Abroadspain-study_0213

The Language Department encourages study abroad to students of all majors. Studying abroad can help students reach requirements for any of the majors, minors or certificates in Languages.

Study abroad programs sponsored by St. Mary’s include the Semester in Spain program, the Semester Exchange Program in Brazil, a summer program in Japan and the Southern Cone Studies Certificate Program in Brazil, or Argentina and Chile. The department also aids students looking to participate in other study abroad programs.

Studying abroad gives students first-hand experience with other cultures and languages and helps them develop the cross-cultural communication skills valued by many employers.

Department Mission

The mission of the Department of Languages is to offer a broad, liberal education that enables students to read analytically, think critically and write clearly in dealing with literature, linguistics and culture. A degree in Languages provides students with tools to function effectively in different linguistic, cultural and professional contexts, thus enabling them to become leaders for the common good.

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