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What is Psychology?

Psychology is the study of behavior and the brain. Psychologists study mental processes and brain functions to better understand behavior.

Students also design their own social science research and present their findings at research conferences. Students of all majors may take Psychology courses to fulfill the requirements of the Core Curriculum.

  • Degree Plans

    Psychology majors at St. Mary’s benefit from small classes, personal advising and faculty recognized for their teaching. Study psychology by pursuing one of the following program options:

  • Psychology Courses

    Sample courses include:

    • Abnormal Psychology
    • Development
    • Learning
    • Social Psychology
    • Research Methods

    Browse courses and read class descriptions:

  • Career Opportunities in Psychology

    Many career options exist for Psychology majors, such as:

    • Rehabilitation specialist
    • Psychiatric technician
    • Career counselor
    • Case manager

    This major also prepares students interested in pursuing a graduate degree.

Living and Learning Community

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The Psychology Living and Learning Community (PLLC) is formed during the first semester of freshman year for psychology majors and continues until graduation. Students in PLLC have the opportunity to:

  • live in the same dormitory
  • take classes together
  • participate in department activities and community service events together
  • be mentored by Psychology faculty
  • get involved one on one with faculty in research
  • travel to professional conferences nationwide

For more information about PLLC, contact Jillian Pierucci, Ph.D., at 210-431-2019 or jpierucci@stmarytx.edu.

Practice Psychology

At St. Mary’s we know how important it is for our students to gain hands on experience in their field of interest, which is why we make field placement opportunities available to Psychology majors.

Field placement provides Psychology majors with opportunities to learn about the practice of psychology in supervised settings outside the classroom.

Placement sites include schools, hospitals, nonprofit organizations and numerous social service settings throughout the San Antonio area.

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