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Public Communication, Public Policy and Public Leadership Program

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For Graduate Students. Students in the Public Administration or Communication Studies program can pursue the graduate certificate. The 15-hour certificate program supports graduate students seeking to engage the traditions and strengths of St. Mary’s University in policy, public service, communication, and community leadership to advance the public interest in the 21st century.

For Undergraduate Students. Students already majoring in Political Science or Communication Studies can pursue the undergraduate certificate. The 12-hour certificate program is intended for advanced undergraduates, juniors and seniors.

  • Certificate Plans

    Courses at the graduate and undergraduate level are intended to supplement students’ regular degree courses by offering an additional certification.

  • Public Leadership Courses

    Course highlights include:

    • Public Policy Analysis
    • Policy Formation and Implementation
    • Public Relations Writing and Campaigns
    • Applied Persuasion

    Find all course descriptions and requirements:

Learn more about the Public Leadership Program

Interested in pursuing a certificate in Public Leadership? We’re eager to hear from you and answer any questions you have. Feel free to reach out to speak to one of our dedicated faculty.

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