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Earn a Certificate in Biblical Studies from St. Mary’s University

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The Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies provides students with a core foundation in how to read the Bible, namely the academic study and application of methods of interpretation to biblical literature.

Those methods draw from the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation (Dei Verbum) issued at the Second Vatican Council and the secular academy manifest in the Society of Biblical Literature.

The Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies is designed for students who are considering graduate work in theology but who do not wish to pursue a 36-hour master’s program.

  • Certificate Plans

    Courses taken toward the certificate could be transferred toward the degree of Master of Arts in Theology.

    Learn more about courses for the Certificate in Theology by visiting the University Catalog.

  • Courses

    Students will choose four of the scripture courses offered in the Department of Theology. Some examples of courses include:

    • Law of Moses
    • The Interpretation of the History of Israel
    • The Gospel of Matthew
    • The Johannine Literature
    • Original Language Tools for Biblical Studies
    • Biblical Hebrew

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