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Mexican American Studies at St. Mary’s

The Mexican American Studies (MAS) is an interdisciplinary, undergraduate academic minor credit and certificate program that focuses on the U.S. Mexican American experience. 

The goal of the minor and certificate is to prepare students for culturally competent professional lives attentive to local, state and national issues, and increase Mexican American representation within in-demand fields such as education, policy analysis, public administration, governance, economic development, and the arts and humanities.

The MAS minor and certificate bridges disciplines to build interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise to answer questions and achieve insights about complex problems that individual disciplines alone cannot solve. Ultimately, MAS is a field of inquiry that requires informed educated citizens capable of applying a range of critical and creative thinking to community and public policy issues and applied communication and analysis. 

  • Degree Plans

    The minor in Mexican American Studies is an 18 credit hour program. Students choose five courses from a list of required core options. They also choose an additional course as an independent study or internship.

    The undergraduate certificate in Mexican American Studies is a 15 credit hour program. Students choose three courses from a list of required core options, plus one research-oriented course and an independent study.

  • Mexican American Studies Courses

    Students choose courses from the following disciplines: political science, history, Chicano literature, language, economics, and theology.

    Classes include:

    • U.S. Civil Rights: The Latino Experience
    • U. S. Immigration and Ethnic History
    • Theology in the Southwest
  • Career Opportunities

    The Mexican American Studies courses build knowledge and research skills of Mexican Americans—their politics, histories, communities and customs and behaviors. It prepares students to be culturally-informed and relevant in careers in education, economic and community development, community leadership, elective office, law school and graduate education.  

In the News

“[Belinda Roman, Ph.D.] said the certification in Mexican-American Studies is useful in professional development, especially with the increased emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion in the business world.”

In October 2022, KSAT News spotlighted the Mexican American Studies program at St. Mary’s University. Read the full story to hear what faculty and students about their experience with the new certificate.

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