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About the program

The Department of Languages at St. Mary’s University encourages students to pursue language study at more advanced levels beyond those established in the Language requirement in the St. Mary’s Core curriculum. The Certificate in Language is intended to provide an incentive to students who are interested in continuing their study of a particular language but who do not wish to complete the major or minor program in this language. Also, the certificate signals on the transcript that a student has completed two courses at least in the third-year of language study and achieved the grade point average required for the certificate.

The Certificate in Languages is neither a substitute for a minor program in a language, nor does it impedes a student wishing to complete such a minor. The certificate is different from a minor in two critical elements: it requires that courses be taken in language study or in classes in which the subject is taught exclusively in the target language, and it requires that the students meet a high grade point requirement.

It is important to note that the students fulfilling the requirements for a language certificate in a particular language will have this achievement noted on their transcript. Also, students completing a minor or major program in a language who at the same time meet the minimum grade requirements for a language certificate would have both the certificate and the minor noted on their transcript. The option of earning a Certificate in Languages is available to all St. Mary’s students.

Courses and Certificate Plan

Students can pursue the following certificate options:
Certificate in Languages with a Concentration in Portuguese
Certificate in Languages with a Concentration in Spanish

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