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    Criminology at St. Mary’s

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    Criminology is the study of the causes, prevention and treatment of criminal behavior, and the social and environmental factors that are associated with crime in society.

    Criminology explores the relationship between the field of criminology, criminal justice organizations, and social service agencies whose responsibility it is to control crime and protect society.

    Controlling crime requires knowledge of individual and social factors that lead to criminal behavior, along with strategies and practices to control crime.

    • Degree Plans

      The Criminology program at St. Mary’s integrates liberal studies with professional preparation. Anyone interested in pursuing a career in the research or evaluation of crime control and crime prevention programs should consider majoring in Criminology.

      Students can major or minor in this program.

    • Criminology Courses

      Criminal justice professionals and criminologists have assumed a central role in researching, formulating, implementing and evaluating public policy designed to control crime. Crime transcends all geographical, social and economic boundaries, affecting all countries and demographic strata.

      See the course catalog for full details:

    • Internship Possibilities

      Our students have participated in criminology internships at:

      • Office of the Attorney General of Texas
      • San Antonio Police Department
      • Texas Department of Human Services
      • National Park Service
      • Federal Bureau of Investigation
      • Fire Marshall

    • Career Opportunities

      Graduates have gained employment as:

      • Police officer
      • Forensic science technician
      • Loss prevention specialist
      • Criminal profiler
      • Expert witness
      • Private investigator
      • Insurance fraud investigator
      • Security specialist

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    Activities and Special Programs

    Students can participate in a wide variety of events, clubs, activities and special programs. A few you might enjoy include:

    Learn more about the Criminology Program

    Interested in pursuing a degree in Criminology? We’re eager to hear from you and answer any questions you have. Feel free to reach out to speak to one of our dedicated faculty.

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