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The mission of Las Americas Letters Series in Literature and the Arts is to encourage empowerment through creativity and cultural understanding by bridging the Americas through the work of authors, artists, painters, musicians, scholars and educators.

Last year our theme was Unfolding Symbol through Time. Our guests were Rosemary Catacalos, Texas Poet Laureate; Gerry Frost, artist; and Bryce Milligan, publisher. They each explored from their own discipline the evocative topic of symbols and how they work within our culture to move, shape and inspire us.

The power of symbol lies in its ability to convey the greatest amount of meaning in the smallest possible form. It is a flash of understanding that sparks our imagination. Much of the religious symbolism that we have today began before the earliest days of Christianity. In their work these artists show how symbols, while retaining much of their original essence, are altered as they evolve through time.

Last year’s Las Americas Letters event was dedicated to Brother Cletus Behlmann, S.M. (1933-2016). Cletus designed the logo and artwork for Las Americas Letters. We remember Cletus as a beloved Marianist brother who made life more meaningful through his vibrant, colorful works of art.

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Interested in becoming an official event sponsor? Contact Kathleen Maloney, Ph.D., at St. Mary’s University at 210-431-2005 or kmaloney@stmarytx.edu.

For more information about Las Americas Letters, contact Kathleen Maloney, Ph.D., at 210-431-2005 or kmaloney@stmarytx.edu.

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