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Vocal Music at St. Mary’s

Vocal music student sings expressively in a Cinderella opera performance on campus

We help students achieve their highest level of musicianship as performers.

Along with the music major and liberal arts coursework, Music – Vocal Performance majors focus on private study with St. Mary’s world-renowned vocal faculty members, as well as performances in the high-quality ensembles on campus.

Voice students also focus on specific aspects of performance though work in the opera workshop, diction, conducting and vocal pedagogy courses.

Degree Plans

All of the music programs at St. Mary’s University are highly customized, tailored to each student’s unique talents and career goals. Please see the catalog for the most up-to-date course information and degree plans:

Vocal Music Courses

Music students receive personalized instruction and attend a wide variety of classes, such as:

  • Applied Music
  • Aural Skills
  • Diction
  • Vocal Pedagogy
  • Choral Conducting

See the catalog for a list of all courses and descriptions:

Teacher Pre-Certification

This music program with pre-certification program is devoted to helping students become outstanding musicians and inspiring educators.

The Music Department works closely with the Education Department at St.  Mary’s to ensure that students majoring in music and seeking State of Texas teacher certification are prepared to meet all requirements for teacher certification in accordance with the standards established by the Texas Education Agency and Texas State Board for Educator Certification.

Music Education Career Opportunities

  • Choir Director: High school and middle school choir directors lead music programs that change people’s lives through music and community involvement. Our music education graduates have unique abilities to design and implement successful vocal music programs.
  • Private Instructor: Teach highly interested students of all ages how to hone their vocal skills. Parents, schools and individuals are always looking for private instructors of any voice type.

Apprentice Conductor Program

St. Mary’s Department of Music’s Apprentice Conductor program is a unique opportunity for students to further their conducting knowledge and gain valuable experience prior to their student teaching semesters, or in preparation to study graduate level conducting. Apprentice conductors work closely with Matthew Mireles, D.M.A., Director of Bands, in score study, rehearsal preparation, programming and advanced conducting techniques. After completion of the University’s Conducting course, and under the guidance of the Director of Bands, apprentice conductors are responsible for selecting repertoire for a concert cycle, rehearsing the St. Mary’s University Wind Ensemble, String Orchestra or Concert Choir, and conducting their piece in performance. Honored music students at St. Mary’s have this privileged opportunity to grow as artists and leaders in pursuit of achieving their goals and ambitions.

Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them – a world of work, culture, intellectual activity and human involvement. The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music. – President Gerald Ford

Vocal Performance

The vocal performance music degree focuses on helping students achieve their highest level of musicianship as performers. In addition to liberal arts coursework, performance majors focus on private study with world-renowned faculty members as well as ensemble performances.

Voice students train rigorously on specific aspects of performance through work in the opera workshop, diction, conducting and vocal pedagogy courses.

Vocal Performance Career Opportunities

  • Freelance Musician: Build a career performing with ensembles of many different varieties. Coursework is designed to advance students in becoming well-rounded musicians who are capable of performing at a high quality in many different genres.
  • Soloist: Tour world-class venues performing solo recitals, showcasing your talents and specialized training. Spark the imagination of audiences and inspire them with your voice.


St. Mary’s University offers a wide variety of ensembles. Vocal ensembles include:

  • Chapel Choir
  • Concert Choir
  • Opera Workshop

Vocal music majors may also audition to participate in our instrumental ensembles and bands at St. Mary’s.

  • Brass Ensemble
  • Concert Band
  • Flute Ensemble
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Jazz Combo
  • Jazz Orchestra
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Rattler Band
  • String Ensemble
  • Woodwind Ensemble

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