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Studying English at St. Mary’s

The English major provides a well-rounded education in literature, analytical and creative thinking, and written and oral communication. Through the exploration of literature, the faculty aims to broaden the scope of student knowledge in world culture, religion, philosophy, economics, history and ethics.

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  • Degree Plans

    Several options are available. Major / bachelor’s degree options include:

    Students explore a wide range of texts as well as a variety of critical methods to analyze those texts. From the epic of Beowulf to the plays of William Shakespeare, from the poems of Walt Whitman to the fiction of Sandra Cisneros, students will experience the rich variety and power of language in action.

    B.A. in English

    Teacher certification is available for students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English Language Arts and Reading with Teacher Certification (Secondary).

    St. Mary’s University’s Educator Preparation Program has received the rating of “accredited” under the Accountability System for Educator Preparation. This rating is issued by the State Board for Educator Certification under the authority of Section 21.045, Texas Education Code.

    Student teaching for undergraduates is conducted during the last semester. The Teacher Education Department works with the central offices, building principals, and classroom teachers in public and private schools in Bexar County to provide a comprehensive 13-week student-teaching experience.

    Working with the central office, the university Certification Officer requests the highest qualified certified professionals to work as supervising teachers. The student teacher assumes full responsibility for the classroom early in the student-teaching experience.

    A supervising teacher mentors the student teacher throughout the program but allows him/her to lead the planning delivery, and assessment of instruction, according to the process established during the Orientation. At the conclusion of the experience, the student teacher evaluates the placement and the supervising teacher’s role as mentor.

    The United States Department of Education (Title II of the Higher Education Act) Educator Preparation Program Texas State Report can be obtained at https://title2.ed.gov/Public/Home.aspx.

    Teacher Certification

    Students can also pair an English minor with another major:

    Students can also pursue a combined degree, where they earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree with tuition discounts:

  • English Courses

    English students take courses in international, American and British literature to learn not only about themselves through the textual experiences of reading and writing, but also to discover the potential of language to describe and transform human society.

    Courses with a focus on personal, social and cultural concerns prepare our students for responsible participation in the civic realm.

    Students who minor in English experience the power of language and literature to shape as well as reflect human experience, to challenge and change the course of history.

    See the catalog for a listing of all courses, including course descriptions:

  • Careers for English Majors

    The career opportunities for those with an English degree grow with every year. Some of our recent graduates have found success in the following roles:

    • Editorial assistant
    • Copy writer
    • Freelance writer
    • Print journalist
    • Technical writer
    • Marketing or public relations specialist
    • High school English teacher
  • Internships

    Recent graduates have interned and worked in settings such as:

    • The Office of U.S. District Judge Jason Pulliam
    • Texas-Rio Grande Valley Legal Aid Clinic
    • Nature Loves You Skincare, Inc.
    • University Health System Foundation
    • San Antonio Parks and Recreation
    • Centro Aztlan
    • Gemini Ink
    • KSAT News
    • PFLAG
    • Urban Strategies, Inc.
    • Rape Crisis Center
    • Family Violence and Protective Services
    • Catholic Charities

Online Learning

The English Literature and Language department has found that technology opens up the way we read and think about literature, writing and language. We worked hard in Spring 2020 to make our online experience work for our students and our subject matter. You will see some examples below of what this may look like for faculty and for students. The faculty are excited to continue to experiment with hybrid courses, in-person use of technology, and online courses. Our faculty are certified in online teaching pedagogy.

Choose a mini-lecture topic:

Law School Options

For more information about any of these law-related programs, please see the School of Law Admission section.

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