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Study Portuguese at St. Mary’s

Portuguese is a world language that enhances the academic and professional profile of any student planning a career with an international component.

Speaking Portuguese increases your marketability, as more businesses, government agencies and nongovernmental organizations seek tri-lingual (English-Spanish-Portuguese) speakers to cover Latin America.

Portuguese is the most widely spoken language in South America, with over 180 million speakers in Brazil alone. In Africa, two Portuguese-speaking nations, Mozambique and Angola, are experiencing rapid economic growth after the end of civil conflicts as production of their oil and minerals increases.

This is the only Portuguese minor in the city of San Antonio. The program was created in 1999.

  • Minor or Certificate Plan

    Students can choose from either a minor or a certificate program:

  • Portuguese Courses

    Students majoring in International Business can fulfill the Area Studies requirement of the major in advanced level Portuguese classes. The lower-level courses in Portuguese fulfill the St. Mary’s foreign language requirement for all majors.

    Classes include both language and cultural studies. A Southern Cone Studies program in Brazil is available.

Outside the Classroom

Students can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities and events to enhance their university experience:

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