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Philosophy at St. Mary’s

The Department of Philosophy guides students in philosophical inquiry, helping them integrate the study of Philosophy as an academic discipline with the practice of philosophy as a way of life. Studying philosophy prepares students for careers where critical thinking and problem-solving are assets.

Through systematic study of diverse issues and methodology, students in the Philosophy program at St. Mary’s University develop disciplined thinking and problem-analysis skills. Students are well prepared for graduate and professional schools, as well as careers in business and law professions.

Program of Study

The Philosophy major program introduces students to the systematic study of Philosophy across a broad range of topics. Students often pursue a double major in a field of study that complements their interests, such as Business, Mathematics, Political Science or Theology.

The Philosophy minor supports students majoring in related subjects where knowledge of philosophy is beneficial. It introduces students to critical reflections in the history of philosophy, logic and other philosophical topics.

  • Degree Plan

    Students can pursue a 120-credit-hour bachelor’s degree in Philosophy:

    St. Mary’s also offers an 18-credit-hour Philosophy minor:

  • Course Areas

    Course areas include:

    • Logic 
    • Ethics 
    • Environmental philosophy 
    • Social and political philosophy 
    • Ancient, medieval and modern philosophy 
    • American and Latin American philosophy 
    • Epistemology 
    • Metaphysics 
    • Philosophy of art and aesthetics, culture, economics, film, literature, religion and science

Median mid-career salary for a person with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy
Starting salary of Philosophy majors — the highest of any humanities majors
Student-to-faculty ratio

What can I do with a degree in Philosophy?

Philosophy majors are well prepared for graduate study as well as various career paths. Potential job fields include business, education, entertainment, law, politics, science, technology and other academic disciplines.

Payscale Inc.’s College Salary Report (2021) shows that people with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy have the highest starting salary of any humanities major ($52,600) and the highest percent increase between starting and mid-career salary ($94,300).

Law School Options

St. Mary’s University offers a Pre-Law Program for undergraduate students interested in pursuing law school and law-related careers. Students in the Philsophy major may qualify for the Nelson Wolff Law Early Admission Program, which offers motivated, talented undergraduate students who plan to attend law school the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree and a law degree from the St. Mary’s University School of Law in less time. 

The Guaranteed Law School Admission Program guarantees St. Mary’s graduates admission to the School of Law, if they meet certain criteria.

Outside the Classroom

Student Activities and Programs

St. Mary’s students enjoy a wide variety of events, activities and special programs. Philosophy students may be especially interested in: 

Phi Sigma Tau

Phi Sigma Tau is the international honor society in Philosophy. The Texas Lambda chapter provides outlets and support for both student and faculty scholarship in philosophical issues through essay workshops, lectures and paper presentations. 

The organization promotes student interest in research and advanced study, providing opportunities for the publication of student research and encouraging a professional spirit and friendship among those who have displayed marked ability in the field. 


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