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What is Philosophy?

Through systematic study of diverse issues and methodology, majors develop disciplined thinking and problem-analysis skills. They are well prepared for graduate study as well as for careers in business and law professions.

The program is designed to prepare students for graduate and professional schools. It also provides a solid grounding in philosophical thinking and method for those preparing for careers where critical disciplined thinking and problem analysis is an asset.

  • Degree Plans

    Philosophy majors often pursue a double major in a field of study that complements their interests, such as Business, Mathematics, Political Science or Theology.

    The minor supports students majoring in related subjects where knowledge of philosophical methods is beneficial. It introduces students to critical reflections in the history of philosophy, logic and philosophical topics.

  • Philosophy Courses

    The major program introduces students to the systematic study of philosophy in a broad range of fields, problems and issues. Sample courses include:

    • Medieval Philosophy
    • Late Modern Philosophy
    • Contemporary Philosophy
    • Symbolic Logic

    See the catalog for a full list of courses and their descriptions:

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