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About the program

The International and Global Studies major at St. Mary’s University is a multidisciplinary degree drawn from courses in Political Science, Economics, International Business, History, Anthropology and Languages. The degree provides a broad understanding of world affairs and competence for entry-level positions in the field. It is also suitable for entrance into law school or graduate school. Students of this program have gone on to work in the Department of State, Department of Commerce, Department of Interior, Central Intelligence Agency and Peace Corps, among others.

Specifically, majors will learn how to conduct research in each stakeholder discipline and will receive professional development training to prepare them for careers relevant to the International and Global Studies Program, such as those in government, non-profit, or business. All majors are encouraged to participate in an internship, either overseas or with an appropriate agency in the United States.

Students can pursue one of the following program options:

  • Bachelor of Arts in International and Global Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in International and Global Studies with Nelson Wolff Law Early Admission Program
  • Combined Bachelor of Arts in International and Global Studies and Master of Arts in International Relations
  • Minor in International and Global Studies

Track Options

The International and Global Studies Program offers four tracks to provide majors with a specialization in skills and knowledge relevant to the preferred career path(s) of each student. It is possible to pursue more than one track.
Option One:

The Political and Cultural Affairs Track guides majors towards courses that provide the cultural, historical and political backgrounds of various global regions. This track would likely prove appealing to those interested in policy, politics, diplomacy, and non-profit work.

Option Two:

The Economic and Trade Affairs Track guides majors towards courses that provide a strong foundation in global economic and business concepts.
This track would likely prove appealing to those interested in economic or business policy or consulting.

Option Three:

The Latin American Studies Track guides majors towards courses that provide a solid understanding of the Latin American world.
This track would likely prove appealing to those interested in a variety of career paths in the Latin American World.

Option Four:

The General Studies Track guides majors towards courses that provide an equal exposure to the different disciplines that comprise the IGS degree.

Courses and degree plan

International and Global Studies Requirements and Degree Plan
Combined Degree Bachelor of Arts in International and Global Studies and Master of Arts Requirements and Degree Plan
International and Global Studies with Nelson Wolff Law Early Admission Program Requirements and Degree Plan
Minor in International and Global Studies Requirements and Degree Plan

Law School Options

For more information about any of these law-related programs, please see the School of Law Admission section.

Internship Opportunities

Students may have an opportunity to participate as interns within the United States or abroad for up to six semester hours of elective credit, with the approval of the department chair. The internships may be with governmental, non-governmental or private sector organizations.

Some examples of internships that students have completed include:

International Organizations: NGOs in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador Office of Human Rights, European Union: Luxembourg Institute for Integrated Rural Development: Bangladesh

Federal Public Service Sector: Secret Service; U.S. Department of State; Department of Defense; Federal Aviation Administration; U.S. Department of State ub Guinea, Sierra Leone, Uruguay, Mexico, Croatia, Lithuania, Chile, Nicaragua, Cote d’Ivoire, Belize, Peru, and El Salvador; Office of Legal Affairs, U.S. Department of State; U.S. Department of Agriculture

State and City Government: Former Texas State Senator Frank Madla; State Representative Irma Rangel; City of San Antonio International Affairs Office, City of Kumamoto, Japan

Non-governmental and Nonprofit Organizations: Socially Responsible Investment Coalition Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras – San Antonio; International Red Cross, Boston; Institute of International Education – Houston; Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law of Texas – San Antonio

Private Sector: Japanese Corporation – San Francisco Law Office; Guadalajara, Mexico Free Trade Alliance; Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Education: St. Mary’s School of Law Immigration and Human Rights Clinic, St. Mary’s School of Law Center for Legal and Social Justice

Career Opportunities

Students graduate with an understanding of major cultural, economic, historical, political and social themes and are prepared to work in international development agencies, transnational corporations, private financial institutions, international, educational and cultural endeavors, private institutions or government agencies at the federal, state or local level, and non-governmental, not-for-profit organizations. Some examples include:

Public Sector: On the federal level job opportunities include the State Department, the Department of Defense, US Agency for International Development (USAID), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), US Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security, and international programs within governmental agencies. Many state governments have established offices to promote and expand trade with foreign nations, while most urban governments, including San Antonio, have established an International Affairs office to promote trade and cultural exchanges, especially through sister-city programs.

Private Sector: Within the private sector, there are many employment opportunities as corporations become increasingly global in their focus and operations. Examples include: Rackspace, Danka Industries, the Rand Corporation, General Motors, and Honeywell, Inc., and Wells Fargo.

Not-for-Profit Sector: Nongovernmental, nonprofit organizations offer paid employment opportunities. Examples include, Peace Corps, Institute for Integrated Rural Development (IIRD), Worldwatch Institute, Goodwill, Bread for the World, and the World Wildlife Fund.

International Organizations: Both governmental and nongovernmental international organizations are interested in hiring individuals with knowledge of international affairs. Some organization examples are: the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, North American Development Bank, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Oxfam.

Education: Career opportunities are numerous in the educational field, including public and private, faculty at community colleges, as well as overseas teaching opportunities.

Extracurricular Opportunity

International Global Studies studentThe International Relations Society of St. Mary’s University is a society of students, both graduate and undergraduate, that study or have an interest in international relations. The primary goal of the International Relations Society is to promote social networking among graduate and undergraduate students and alumni interested in international relations. The International Relations Society provides a forum to share information concerning career opportunities, events and academic programs, as well as mentors to students interested in entering the field of international relations. The Society will also continuously support and promote the values of St. Mary’s University.

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