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About the program

Sociology is the social science which studies human groups and society. It explores the multiple influences which groups exert in our personal lives: friendships, marriages, families, work units, businesses, schools, neighborhoods, organizations, communities, churches, clubs, etc. In addition, Sociology analyzes how and why groups form, hold together, and sometimes break up. It seeks an accurate and scientific understanding of society and of social life.

Sociology professor with studentsLikewise, Sociology explores the many social and cultural forces which operate throughout society-forces which form individual persons, shape their attitudes and behaviors, and determine social events. While describing what is, while explaining how and why it is, and while predicting what will probably occur, Sociology offers countless applied and practical ways to change and to improve human life and society.

Students have the option to major and minor in one of the following program options:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
  • Combined Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Master of Arts in International Relations
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with the Nelson Wolff Law Early Admission Program
  • Minor in Sociology

Courses and degree plan

Sociology Minor Requirements and Plan
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Requirements and Degree Plan
Sociology with the Nelson Wolff Law Early Admission Program Requirements and Degree Plan

Law School Options

Considering law school? St. Mary’s has several options you should consider now to achieve your goals.

The Pre-law Program provides students with relevant information and opportunities to enhance their chances for admission to the law school of your choice.

The Nelson Wolff Law Early Admission Program offers advantages to motivated, talented students who plan to attend St. Mary’s School of Law and graduate in less time. This program is available to students in the following majors: Criminology, English, International and Global Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology and Communication Studies.

The Guaranteed Law School Admission Program allows outstanding St. Mary’s graduates to receive guaranteed admission to the St. Mary’s School of Law if they meet certain conditions.

For more information about any of these law-related programs, contact Milo Colton, Ph.D., J.D. at 210-436-3519.

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