Cyra S. Dumitru

Visiting Lecturer, English and Communication Studies

Chaminade Tower, Room 417



A photo of Cyra Dimitru in her office

B.A., Indiana University, Bloomington
M.A., University of Texas at San Antonio

Cyra Sweet Dumitru has never stopped being a poet. Her deep belief in poetry as a vital tool for communication with the self and with the larger world informs her approach to teaching. She incorporates both the reading and the writing of poetry into most of her classes, including Rhetoric and Freshman Composition as well as Advanced Composition and various literature courses. A strong advocate for helping students find and strengthen their voices as writers, Dumitru was presented with the 2012 Alice Franzke Feminist Award for her passionate commitment to teaching.

Dumitru’s poems have been published in state, regional and national literary journals including WLA: War, Literature and the Arts; Nimrod; Kalliope; The Texas Observer; The San Antonio Express-News, and various annual Poetry on the Move Projects. She also has three book-length collections of her poems published called: What the Body Knows (Pecan Grove Press), Listening to Light (River Lily Press) and Remains (Pecan Grove Press). Furthermore, she has had numerous articles relating to the health care field published in local, regional and national publications as an outcome of her work as a medical writer before joining the English and Communication Studies Department at St. Mary’s University full-time in 2007.

She received her Bachelor’s Degree in English with Honors from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, and her Master’s Degree in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing from the University of Texas in San Antonio. She is currently training as a Poetry Therapy Facilitator with the renowned John Fox through the Institute of Poetic Medicine in Palo Alto, California. She expects to complete her training in the summer of 2014. Upon completion of her training and to the best of her knowledge, she will be the only faculty person in Texas formally trained as a Poetry Therapy Facilitator.