J. Colin McQuillan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

A photo of Colin McQuillanOffice: Chaminade Tower, Room 512

J. Colin McQuillan received his BA in history and philosophy from Loyola University Chicago in 2002 and an MA in philosophy from Boston College in 2004. Before receiving his PhD. in philosophy from Emory University in 2010, Colin was a visiting scholar at the Martin-Luther-Universitaet Halle-Wittenberg in 2006-2007.

His research concerns the history of modern philosophy, especially the German enlightenment, the development of the critical philosophy of Immanuel Kant, and the legacy of Kantian philosophy in the 19th and 20th centuries. He is the co-editor of the Bloomsbury Anthology of Aesthetics and the author of numerous articles and reviews.