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Image of a student during classSpeech Communication Major

This can be the ideal major for the student who is looking to build a successful career on a foundation of oral communication skills. Because this major is much more than ‘just giving speeches,’ the fields we study include Interpersonal Communication, Group Communication, Organizational Communication, and Intercultural Communication.

There are also courses in specific subjects such as Legal Communication, Health Communication, Business Communication, Gender Communication, Mass Communication and Management Communication. Students with an interest in and talent for oral communication who have majored in Speech Communication have launched a variety of extraordinary careers.

Speech Communication offer a practical study of the principles and mechanisms of human interaction: How can the student be most persuasive? How can the student become an effective, respected leader? How can the student understand, avoid, and, when necessary, resolve conflict? More than persuasive leaders and successful peacemakers, we want our graduates to be members of society who are both productive and ethical. As such, the Speech Communication program grounds its challenging course of study in the Marianist traditions of integrity and community service.

For degree requirements and detailed course descriptions, see the Undergraduate Catalog.

Career Opportunities

Public relations
Customer service
Writing and editing
Public opinion research
Nonprofit, government or corporate public affairs
Newspaper or magazine writing/editing
Hospitality or tourism industry
Retail management

The St. Mary’s University Department of Teacher Education is committed to preparing teachers for the important role they play in our society’s future. The elementary, secondary, and all-level teacher certification programs integrate rigorous academic training and supervised field experience with a well-rounded education, thus providing our students with tools they need to be effective educators.

The Educator Preparation Program instills in our students an appreciation for the fulfillment derived from the teaching profession. This requires that St. Mary’s teacher certification candidates be committed to a profession wherein they can make a difference in the lives of young people.

For more information on the Teacher Education program, see the Undergraduate Catalog.

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Considering Law School?

St. Mary’s has several options you should consider now to achieve your goals.

The Pre-law Program provides students with relevant information and opportunities to enhance their chances for admission to the law school of your choice.

The Nelson Wolff Law Early Admission Program offers advantages to motivated, talented students who plan to attend law school and graduate in less time. This program is available to students in the following majors: Criminology, English, International Relations, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology and Speech Communications.

The Guaranteed Law School Admission Program allows outstanding St. Mary’s graduates to receive guaranteed admission to the St. Mary’s School of Law if they meet certain conditions.

For more information about any of these law-related programs, contact Milo Colton, Ph.D., J.D. at 210-436-3519.

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