English and Communication Studies

In the English and Communication Studies Department at St. Mary’s University, students develop effective visual, oral and written communication skills. They cultivate respect for multiple perspectives through analysis and explore the world through the lens of ethical scholarship, rhetorical inquiry and creativity. Graduates of the program are ready for graduate school and law school, as well as for careers in a variety of fields.

About the Program

Students who choose to pursue English, English-Communication Arts, and Communication Studies degrees select from a variety of courses in American, British, and International literature, language and criticism, communication theory, and media production, as well as a full range of internships. Our undergraduate majors have the option to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies jointly by participating in one of our five-year B.A./M.A. programs.

A St. Marys English and Communication Arts Professor works with students.Students may also pursue minors in each of the three undergraduate programs. Our department also offers two Master’s degrees — English Literature and Language and Communications. Graduate students have the option of participating in a joint degree program with St. Mary’s University Law School, generally completing the M.A. and J.D. within four years.

Programs of Study

Bachelor of Arts in English
English Minor

The English major provides a well-rounded education in literature, analytical and creative thinking, and written and oral communication. Students learn about themselves, social issues and cultural concerns, as well as language’s potential to transform society. The major prepares students for graduate school and careers in education, editing, law and publishing.

Bachelor of Arts in English-Communication Arts
English-Communication Arts Minor

The English-Communication Arts degree examines how words and images combine to create messages that are beneficial to society. English-Communication Arts majors graduate having trained in several writing styles in areas such as journalism, public relations, technical writing, publication writing and corporate communication.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
Communication Studies Minor

Communication Studies offers a practical study of the principles and mechanisms of human interaction, building a solid foundation of oral communication skills. More than persuasive leaders and successful peacemakers, graduates aim to be members of society who are both productive and ethical in a variety of fields.

Visual Communication Design Minor

Visual Communication Design brings together the strengths of art and communications. Specifically, it provides students the skills and outlook to enhance any major in which a career path might include the production of print or Web-based messaging.

For information on specific courses and degree plans, refer to the English and Communication Arts section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

For information on the minors available, refer to the Undergraduate Catalog.

Internships and Career Opportunities

Recent graduates have interned and worked in settings such as the White House, Bromley Communications, the San Antonio Express-News, the Dallas Cowboys, the San Antonio Spurs, radio and television broadcasting companies, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, and the San Antonio Youth Organization.

Interested in finding an internship? Download an intern syllabus, a list of potential places to complete your internship, an internship application, and internship evaluation form.


Additional Degrees Offered

Joint B.A./J.D. in English

Joint B.A./M.A. in English Literature and Language

Joint B.A./M.A. in Communications

Master of Arts in English Literature and Language

Master of Arts in Communication Studies

Department Mission

A photo of English Professor Gwen Diaz at St. Mary's UniversityThe St. Mary’s University Department of English and Communication Studies focuses on the human experience to enhance competency in visual, oral, and written communication, to develop respect for multiple perspectives through analysis, and to explore the world through the lens of ethical scholarship, rhetorical inquiry, and creativity in the pursuit of the common good.

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