The biggest source of professional pride and fulfillment for our faculty is their opportunity to play a key role in the development of students. Our professors’ doors are always open, and they work diligently to know every student in a meaningful way. They understand fully that the Greehey School of Business exists purely to serve our students to the best of our abilities. Our faculty work hard to transform our students’ lives and empower them to build a better world. As a result, they provide our students with a welcoming and challenging environment that combines excellence in business education with a focus on faith, values and service.

We invite you to reach out to our professors who teach in areas of interest to you.

Robbie Bishop-Monroe, D.B.A., CPA
Cody Cox, Ph.D.
Violeta Díaz, Ph.D.
Diane Dowdell
John Drabier
Klavdia Ballard Evans, Ph.D.
K. Matthew Gilley, Ph.D.
Susan D. Gordon
Jeremy Grace
Denada Ibrushi, Ph.D.
Barclay James, Ph.D.
Samir Jarjoui
Jeffrey E. Johnson, Ph.D.
Matthew Jordan
Mathew Joseph, Ph.D.
Gail Kaciuba, Ph.D.
Sung-Tae (Daniel) Kim, Ph.D.
Hong-Hee Lee, Ph.D.
Seongbae Lim, Ph.D.
Zecong Ma, Ph.D.
Thomas Madison, Ph.D., CPA
Guillermo Martinez, J.D.
Rod Monger, Ph.D.
Eileen Wall Mullen, Ph.D.
Suzanne Oliva, LL.M., CPA
Prasad Padmanabhan, Ph.D.
Sergio Palacios, Ph.D.
Mark B. Persellin, Ph.D.
Gregory Pool, Ph.D.
H. Richard Priesmeyer, Ph.D.
Gail Ribalta
Kent W. Royalty, LL.M.
Michael James Schaub, CPA
Gianfranco Semino
David W. Sommer, Ph.D.
Ajaya K. Swain, Ph.D.
Sharmistha Swain, Ph.D.
Laura L. Walsh
Stephanie G. Ward, Ph.D.
Jialin (Jolene) Zhao, Ph.D.

Meet our Professors

At the Greehey School of Business, we provide the best of the best for our students. Not only are our faculty members exceptional in the classroom, many of them have received awards, published articles in prestigious journals and received funding to further their scholarly research. Learn more about what our students have to say about our excellent faculty.

2019 Outstanding Teaching Award

Gail Kaciuba, Ph.D.

2019 Outstanding Volunteerism and Community Service Award

Matthew Gilley, Ph.D.

David Sommer, Ph.D.

2019 Outstanding Research Award

Klavdia Ballard Evans, Ph.D.

Sergio Palacios, Ph.D.

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