The Greehey School of Business offers innovative programs designed to prepare students for real-world leadership and lifelong achievement, as well as for today’s ever-evolving global and technological business environment.

Business Fellows Program

If you want to study abroad, participate in student competitions, attend leadership development programs and grow as a business professional, the Business Fellows Program has you covered.

Business Fellows receive significant funding for these exciting opportunities.

Plus, they grow their leadership skills and professional networks by working closely with the Dean and our Advisory Council of Executives.

Greehey Scholars Program

The Greehey Scholars Program is a renewable, four-year scholarship and leadership development program.

Recipients will have the opportunity to visit companies around the U.S., study abroad and intern at America’s most prestigious corporations.

The Greehey Scholars Program covers your tuition. Become the leader you have always wanted to be by becoming a Greehey Scholar.

Emerging Entrepreneur Program

The Emerging Entrepreneur Program enhances students’ professional development and prepares them for outstanding careers as entrepreneurs or small business owners, and to work in startups and innovative corporations.

Participants receive a scholarship of $1,500 each semester and commit to attending and participating in various Greehey School of Business events and opportunities.

Advantage Mentor Program

The Greehey School of Business Advantage Mentor Program connects first-time students with experienced business students (mentors) to promote personal and academic success.

Students will gain advice and valuable insights, while learning what to expect in school and how to approach challenges.

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