Program/Plan of Study for the M.S. in Computer Science

The Master of Science in Computer Systems degree is a 33-hour program with a comprehensive project. Nine of the 11 courses are from the computer science department with the other two courses from Engineering (EG classes). Work on a comprehensive project is started two semesters before graduation and is presented to a committee of three or more professionals at least a month before graduation.

A student usually takes one to three classes a semester depending on the individual’s situation. A typical selection of courses for full-time students can be seen below.  CS6310 Systems Analysis and Design is a pre-requisite for CS6340 Adv. Software Engineering. Students from outside of the United States who speak English as a second language may be required to take one or two English classes at the beginning of their course work depending on English proficiency results.

Fall CS6320 CS6350 EG elective / EN6301
Spring CS6310 CS6330 EG / CS elective
Summer CS6395 CS elective proposal due by May 15
Fall CS6340 CS elective CS / EG present project

Note that the graduate comprehensive project proposal is due by email to the graduate program director at the beginning of the semester before the semester of graduation, about 8 months prior to graduating. CS and EG elective classes may be moved around to different semesters, but the core classes (CS6310 Systems Analysis and Design, CS6320 Files and Database, CS6330 Adv. Network and Data Communications, CS6340 Adv. Software Engineering, CS6350 Hardware and Operating Systems, CS6395 Project) should be taken in the semesters shown above as the courses are primarily for graduate students that semester. Up to three classes, 9 credit hours, may be transferred in from graduate programs outside of St. Mary’s.