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Bioinformatics at St. Mary’s

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary and growing science field focused on solving biological, biomedical and biochemical challenges with the help of computer science, mathematics and information technology. Bioinformaticians are in high demand not only in research but also in academia because few people have the education and skills to fill available positions. 

Bioinformatics is highly applicable to all branches of life sciences and to fields like personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics — the study of how genes affect a person’s response to drugs. 

The Bioinformatics program at St. Mary’s University prepares students for graduate school, medical school or entry into the career field.

Median annual earnings for Bioinformatics Scientists
Median annual earnings for Clinical Data Managers
Expected change in employment demand for Clinical Data Managers

What can I do with a degree in Bioinformatics?

Career Opportunities

The Bioinformatics program at St. Mary’s gives students the knowledge and tools to pursue graduate school, medical school or enter into a number of careers, depending on the track they choose. 

Career possibilities include: 

  • Bioinformatician (entry-level) 
  • Bioinformatics data analyst, programmer or specialist 
  • Biostatistician assistant 
  • Biostatistical consultant 
  • Clinical data analyst or reporter 
  • Data scientist (entry-level) 
  • Informatics analyst 
  • Research associate 
  • Solutions or software engineer (entry-level) 
  • Technician

Become a Health Professional

St. Mary’s has partnerships that can fast-track our students’ acceptance to physical therapy, pharmacy, dental and medical programs. Our graduates are accepted to medical and dental programs at rates much higher than the national average.

Outside the Classroom

Science Living Community

Students majoring in any science — from Physics to Computer Science, Biology to Engineering — can join the Science Living Community. Members live together and can participate in a variety of programs throughout the year.


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