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Engineering Science at St. Mary’s

The Engineering Science program at St. Mary’s University prepares students to pursue careers in multidisciplinary fields such as biomedical engineering, environmental engineering, materials sciences, pre-medicine, or other secondary areas.

Engineering science at St. Mary’s University provides greater flexibility than traditional programs, especially in choosing engineering electives, so that students gain a tailored education. Every engineering senior also completes a year-long design project, some of which have even been patented.

Program of Study

The curriculum combines foundational engineering principles as well as 24 credit hours of technical electives in one of the following areas: Chemistry, Drone Technology, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Pre-Med or a general concentration.

All Engineering Science programs cover University core, math and science for Engineering degrees and core Engineering courses, giving students a solid platform to build upon based on their chosen concentration.

What can I do with a degree in Engineering Science?

Career Opportunities

Engineering Science at St. Mary’s prepares students to pursue careers in multidisciplinary fields such as biomedical engineering, environmental engineering, pre-medicine and other areas of science.

Pre-Med Concentration

Students in the Pre-Med Concentration can pursue careers in allied health, biomedical engineering or biomechanical engineering, or as a dentist, physician, pharmacist, surgeon or veterinarian.

Environmental Science Concentration

Students in the Environmental Science Concentration can pursue careers in environmental engineering, geological engineering, water project management, environmental health and safety, or green building engineering.

Drone Technology Concentration

Students in the Drone Technology Concentration can pursue careers as UAV operators or drone pilots or aeronautical engineers, or in drone manufacturing, drone maintenance and customization, robotics.

Chemistry Concentration

Students in the Chemistry Concentration can pursue careers in chemical engineering, process engineering, petrochemical engineering, plastics engineering or polymerization engineering.

Mathematics Concentration

Students in the Mathematics Concentration can pursue careers in actuaries or applied math, or as statisticians, computational scientists, operations research analysts, system engineers or educators.

Teacher Certification

Students who want to pursue careers as middle and high school teachers with specialties in STEM and IT can use their 24 credit hours of electives to fulfill requirements for teacher certification.

Outside the Classroom

Student Clubs and Organizations

Students majoring in Engineering Science can join a number of STEM clubs and organizations, including the Drone Club and the St. Mary’s chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).

Internships and Applied Projects

At least one semester of internship is mandatory for students to complete before their senior year. Semester internships are normally local to the San Antonio area; however, summer internships are open to any location. Students are encouraged to look for a senior design project topic while doing their internships so they can collaborate with industry partners on the project.

Our Engineering majors intern at a variety of local and national organizations such as:

  • Air Force bases
  • City public service
  • Dell
  • Google
  • Harris Electronics
  • Philips
  • Southwest Research Institute
  • USAA

Every Engineering senior also completes a year-long design project, some of which have even been patented. 

Science Living Community

Students majoring in any science — from Physics to Computer Science, Biology to Engineering — can join the Science Living Community. Members live together and can participate in a variety of programs throughout the year.

Drone Technology Concentration

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science offers a concentration that allows students to acquire the depth and breadth of knowledge for a career in the rapidly expanding drone industry.

The Drone Technology (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Concentration combines foundational engineering principles — common to all engineering majors — as well as 24 credit hours of technical electives related to drone technology.

The electives include a yearlong senior design project to develop drone technology for real-world applications for industry partners and a drone flight certification. Upon completion of the program, graduates will possess a competitive portfolio and be prepared for entry into the drone industry or for continuing education.

Four drones fly simultaneously in the new Drone Lab.

Labs and Facilities

Engineering students have 24-hour access to:

  • an electrical engineering laboratory
  • an energy conversion laboratory for motors, generators and transformers
  • a manufacturing and robotics laboratory
  • a research lab equipped with both UNIX and Windows workstations


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