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Bachelor's in computer science

Computer Science student listens in class.Computer Science majors think analytically to devise system and programs, while also being detail-oriented so that they can effectively troubleshoot problems.

They must be able to communicate effectively in order to talk with non-technical people to assess their needs and then convey back technical information in plain language.

The St. Mary’s Department of Engineering offers a number of computer science-related summer camps, including a Computer Science summer camp, for students in middle school and high school.


CS – Computer Science

Computer science combines the study of the math and theory behind computing with hands-on research and coding. A degree in computer science prepares graduates to write software and work with operating systems and architecture. You’ll learn about algorithms, software architecture, design patterns, data structures and specific coding techniques.

CIS – Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems focuses on the relationships between companies and their information systems and making them run as smoothly as possible. A CIS degree prepares students to manage software development projects from analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance to management of quality, budgets, deliverables and deadlines.

Computer Science degree plans

What can you do with a computer science degree?

Careers in computer science exist in virtually every industry, and skilled programmers are highly sought in the job market.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science employs the latest tools and technology to provide a well-structured education in this exciting and innovative field.

Computer scientists work in technical IT-related careers such as:

  • Software development engineer
  • Computer programmer
  • Database administrator
  • Network architect
  • Web developer

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