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Real-world Cybersecurity Training

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Our real world depends on the digital world, which can be vulnerable to many issues including malicious software and hardware, denial of service attacks, unauthorized access, network outages, data corruption and sensitive data being compromised by hackers.

With the growing threat of digital attacks, securing digital assets has become an increasing national priority.

St. Mary’s hosts an annual Cybersecurity and Mobile Apps camp for junior high and high school students. It’s a great way to prepare for an education in cybersecurity.

  • Certificate Program

    The Certificate in Cybersecurity presents students with the fundamental principles and hands-on experience in protecting networks, computers, programs and institutional data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. This program is designed to serve the needs of individuals who would like to increase their knowledge and skill levels in the field of cybersecurity in a short time frame.

    See the catalog for program requirements:

    Students who earn the certificate are encouraged to pursue a Master of Science in Cybersecurity, which requires just 6 additional classes and a project, or 5 additional classes and a thesis.

  • Cybersecurity Courses

    The certificate program in Cybersecurity requires four classes (12 credit hours), which can also be used toward completion of a Master of Science degree in Cybersecurity with additional courses and completing either a capstone project or thesis. Students select their courses from this list:

    • Computer Network Security
    • Software Security
    • Computer Security and Privacy
    • Cloud Computing Security
    • Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime
    • Preparation for Security Certification
    • Cryptography Principles and Practice
    • Cybersecurity Risk Management
    • Cybersecurity Policy and Law

    See full course details in the catalog:

  • Admission Requirements

    Applicants must have an undergraduate degree (or equivalent experience) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or a closely related discipline.

    Applicants whose undergraduate degree is not in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or a closely related discipline are required to demonstrate proficiency in the following subjects or take the corresponding prerequisite courses at St. Mary’s University or other institutions: Discrete Mathematics, Object Oriented Programming, and Data Structures.

    For specific admission requirements, visit the catalog.

Cyber Talk

Associate Professor of Computer Science, Dr. Ayad Barsoum, was a guest on the Cyber Talk Radio podcast to discuss the benefits of the Cybersecurity Graduate Program at St. Mary’s University.

From the dark web to your radio dial, Cyber Talk Radio is a weekly discussion on cloud computing, Internet and cybersecurity trends facing businesses with Bret Piatt, CEO of Jungle Disk.

Financial Aid

St. Mary’s offers various scholarships, grants and assistantships to graduate students. Military, their dependents and Department of Defense employees may be eligible for a tuition discount.

Please contact the Office of Financial Assistance at 210-436-3141 or finaid@stmarytx.edu for additional information or visit www.stmarytx.edu/finaid.

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Learn more about the Cybersecurity Certificate Program

Interested in pursuing a certificate in Cybersecurity? We’re eager to hear from you and answer any questions you have. Feel free to reach out to speak to one of our dedicated faculty.

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