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Applied Physics


Student solves problems in Physics classroom.Applied Physics at St. Mary’s University is a Bachelor of Science degree plan that provides an instructional base in physics, engineering, mathematics and computer applications. Graduates are prepared to enter today’s high technology marketplace.

Along with technical courses, students in the program benefit from liberal arts courses in English, social science, philosophy, theology, speech, foreign language and fine arts.

Degree Options

Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics with Computer Science Option — Degree Plan
Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics with Engineering Option — Degree Plan

Career Opportunities

Applied Physics provides excellent preparation for and is a traditional pathway to graduate programs in physics-related areas, including condensed matter, plasma, optical physics and biophysics, as well as areas such as high energy physics and astrophysics.

The program also provides superb preparation for a wide range of positions in university, government and industrial organizations. It is perhaps the best preparation for careers in general technology areas, and is ideally suited for up-and-coming areas, such as energy and nanotechnology.

It is a strategic major for pre-med, pre-dental, pre-teaching and other pre-professional students, in part because it provides a strong background in core areas, combined with great flexibility in the choice in electives.

A Physics degree is a route to many career possibilities, from predicting climate change to structural engineer.

Career Options

  • Satellite Engineer
  • Material Scientist
  • Laser Fusion Scientist
  • Alzheimer’s Researcher
  • Solar Energy Physicist
  • Particle Physicist
  • Science Journalist
  • Surgeon
  • Astrophysicist

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