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  • In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ACT or SAT test is optional for prospective students applying for Fall 2020 to join the St. Mary’s University freshmen class of 2024.

Computer Science and Application Systems at St. Mary’s

Arthur Hanna, Ph.D., teaches a Computer Science course.

The Computer Science and Application Systems program at St. Mary’s University involves the study of digital computer hardware and software while emphasizing the software development process used to solve problems.

Computers are ubiquitous in today’s society, allowing for robust job prospects for those graduating with computer science skills.

  • Degree Plan

    Many students have a wide range of interests, so this program offers the flexibility to pursue those interests in addition to core computer science classes.

  • Computer Science Courses

    Several electives can be selected to form a minor or even another major.

    • Conventional and Object Oriented Programming
    • Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
    • Databases, and Computer Networks
    • System Analysis and Design and Software Engineering
    • Senior Project

Special Programs

Students can enjoy a variety of events, activities and special programs at St. Mary’s. Computer Science and Application Systems majors may be interested in:

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Computer Science student works on laptop in class.

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