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Physics at St. Mary’s

Students conducting a physics experiment

What is Physics?

Physics is the study of an enormous span of natural phenomena ranging from the large scale involvement of galaxies to the submicroscopic motion of atoms and nuclei.

The law of nature can be used to predict the behavior of the world and all kinds of machinery. Many of the technological inventions of today resulted from discoveries in physics.

A major in physics at St. Mary’s prepares students with a broad based view of science, as well as the analytical tools necessary to tackle problems in many different fields.

Degree Plans

Depending on the degree option selected, students will be required to take additional biology, chemistry, math and physics courses.

Many Physics majors often double major in other areas such as Electrical Engineering, Engineering Science or Mathematics. With proper planning, a double major can be completed in four years.

Physics Courses

Physics is an intensive course of study that emphasizes analytical and problem solving skills.

Sample courses:

  • Computational Physics Lab
  • Robotics Lab
  • Mathematical Methods in Physics
  • Thermodynamics

To browse all physics courses, including course descriptions, see the catalog:

Science Living Community

Students majoring in any science – from physics to computer science, biology to engineering – can join the Science Living Community. Members live together and can participate in a variety of programs throughout the year.

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