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Earn a Certificate in Educational Computer Gaming from St. Mary’s

Game-based learning and gamification are growing industries, and the St. Mary’s University Computer Science Department offers one of the first and top-rated graduate certificates in Educational Computer Gaming, according to The Princeton Review. 

In this 12-credit-hour graduate-level certificate program, students learn to evaluate, design and create educational computer games. These games can be developed to target any population, circumstance or situation to teach, train or practice any skill or topic.

This program is for educators who want to make games for classes, parents who may want to create games for their children, or simply those interested in how games can help learning. 

  • Certificate Program

    The certificate program is 12 credit hours. Some courses may be offered in a hybrid format, and it is possible to complete the entire program this way.

    Students may continue into a master’s program in Computer Science or Computer Information Systems or earn this certificate as part of a master’s degree:

  • Course Areas

    The program requires 6 credit hours of required courses and 6 credit hours of electives.

    Students will work with the program director to match their needs and interests to select elective courses. Course areas include:

    • Artificial intelligence
    • Computer graphics
    • E-learning
    • Game development

What can I do with a Certificate in Educational Computer Gaming?

Career Opportunities

Since this program complements students with technology-related undergraduate degrees, this certificate can be used to enhance the workplace or household. From innovative games that educate co-workers to ones that challenge children to develop basic skills, this certificate can benefit St. Mary’s students with an interest in teaching and learning.

This certificate can enhance current trainers, educators and software developers to have a specialization in creating educational computer games. 

Graduate Certificate Admission Requirements and Process

To participate in this graduate certificate, students must have an undergraduate degree in a technology-related field (or equivalent experience) and have completed at least two computer programming classes with a B- or better. Students need computer programming as a skill they already have. One course may be transferred from an accredited university with a grade of B or higher to meet one of the course requirements.

Interested applicants may apply via the St. Mary’s University online application. Students will also need to submit a statement of purpose and résumé/CV. The GRE/GMAT is not required for admission to this certificate program.

To discuss specific admission procedures and requirements for this program, contact the Office of Graduate Admission at 210-436-3101 or graduate@stmarytx.edu, or contact your Program Director. 


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Graduate Certificate FAQs

Students in the Graduate Certificate in Educational Computer Gaming program may continue into the Master of Science in Computer Science or Master of Science Computer Information Systems programs, or earn this certificate as part of a master’s degree.

Can my certificate credits go toward a master’s degree?

The cost of the Graduate Certificate in Educational Computer Gaming is charged by credit hour. Check the Tuition and Fees page for current rates.

Some programs may qualify for financial aid. Prospective certificate students are encouraged to consult with the Office of Financial Assistance to understand the financing specifics.

How much does the certificate cost?

The Graduate Certificate in Educational Computer Gaming is 12 credit hours and can be completed within one year, on average.

How long does it take to complete the certificate?

Some courses in the Graduate Certificate in Educational Computer Gaming may be offered virtually (synchronous). Virtual courses are taken remotely in real-time (with your professor and classmates via Zoom) on a scheduled class day and time. It is possible to complete the program in a hybrid format, with a mix of virtual and in-person classes.

Are courses in this certificate program offered online?

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