Courses for M.S. in Computer Information Systems

The M.S. in Computer Information Systems consists of 11 courses/33 credit hours and a comprehensive project. The list of courses is shown below, and the comprehensive project instructions can be obtained by emailing the graduate program director. See a typical schedule or plan of study.

Required:  18 credit hours
CS 6310 Systems Analysis and Design
CS 6320 Files and Database
CS 6330 Advanced Network and Data Communications
CS 6340 Advanced Software Engineering
CS 6350 Hardware and Operating Systems
CS 6395 Project

Electives CS:  9 credit hours
CS 6185/CS 6285/CS 6385 Internship
CS 6315 Artificial Intelligence
CS 6325 Computer Graphics
CS 6335 Game Development
CS 6375 Special Topics in Computer Science (may be repeated with different topic names)

Electives BA:  6 credit hours
Take any Business (BA) graduate classes where pre-requisites are met, typically two classes for 3 credit hours each. Some common courses taken by students pursuing an M.S. in Computer Information Systems include
BA 6355 Human Resources Core
BA 6375 International Business Core
BA 7325 Management of information and Technology
BA 8352 Business Intellgence