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St. Mary’s University online learning provides a flexible opportunity for individuals interested in academically rigorous and rewarding courses. Our programs integrate top-notch academics and the University’s mission of cultivating ethical leaders committed to the common good. St. Mary’s currently offers several programs and academic certificates online.

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Whether I was taking classes in-person or online, the professors were always generous in engaging students in discussion, encouraging peer collaboration, and helping students grow professionally through research projects and career advice.”

Valeria Garza (B.S. ’18, MBA ’21)

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  • Seeking an online law degree?

    The St. Mary’s University School of Law offers an online J.D. program as well as some online master’s degrees. Visit the School of Law website to learn more about online law programs and the application process.

Flexible Learning with Built-in Support

Earning an online degree gives you flexibility in your schedule while still benefitting from the quality and value of a St. Mary’s education. As an online student, you’ll have access to the same resources as our on-campus students, and you’ll find a community of peers and professors supporting your professional growth.

Online Programs FAQs

The type of courses offered differs by program. Classes may be one of the following:

  • Online (OL), or Asynchronous: Online courses are not taught in real-time but include pre-recorded lectures, video uploads, class chats and individual meetings with professors.
  • Virtual (V), or Synchronous: Students participate in virtual courses remotely and in real-time on a scheduled class day and time.

Some programs may offer a hybrid of online/virtual and in-person classes.

Are online classes synchronous or asynchronous?

Virtual courses are synchronous, meaning they are taken remotely in real-time (with your professor and classmates via Zoom) on a scheduled class day and time. Online courses are asynchronous, meaning they are not taught in real-time but include pre-recorded lectures, video uploads, class chats and individual meetings with professors.

What does it mean when I see a course is virtual or online?

Hybrid programs offer a mix of in-person classes on the St. Mary’s University campus and online or virtual courses.

What is a hybrid program?

Virtual class schedules will depend on the program, but all graduate-level virtual (synchronous) classes will take place in the evenings.

What days and/or times do virtual classes meet?

The time to complete a degree depends on the degree earned. Most master’s programs are typically 30 to 36 credit hours and may take 15 to 36 months to earn, depending on the program. Certificates are typically 6 to 18 hours and can be completed in as little as one semester, depending on the program; however, most certificates take 9 months or more to complete on average.

How long does it take to earn a degree online?

Tuition differs by program. Check the Tuition and Fees page for tuition rates, or contact the Business Office for more information.

How much is online tuition?

For synchronous, virtual courses, professors will require you to use a webcam and microphone to participate in class via Zoom. Once you have been admitted and are provided St. Mary’s University credentials, you can access Zoom for free using your St. Mary’s email address/username.

Professors will share assignments via Canvas, the University’s student learning portal. You can access Canvas online using your St. Mary’s username and password.

The University bookstore offers digital rentals for some textbooks and course materials.

Check with your Program Director to see if your program courses may require other hardware or software.

Do I need certain hardware or software to complete my degree online?

Your degree will appear on your transcript the same as it would for an on-campus program and will not indicate that it was an online program.

How will my degree appear on my transcript different than an on-campus program?

Apply to an online program via the St. Mary’s University application.

How do I apply to online programs?

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