Pursue two degrees at one time at St. Mary’s

Combined Degree and Joint Degree Programs allow undergraduate and graduate students to pursue two degrees simultaneously, saving both time and money.

Combined Degree Programs

St. Mary’s University offers Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs that allow undergraduate students to begin graduate studies during their junior year.

Joint Degree Programs

In addition to separate graduate and law degrees, St. Mary’s University and the St. Mary’s University School of Law also offer a joint program of studies leading to degrees of Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) and select Master of Arts and Master of Science programs, the Online MBA for Professionals, and the Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.).

Combined Bachelor’s and Law Degrees

St. Mary’s University and the School of Law offer combined Bachelor’s and Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degrees through the Nelson Wolff Law Early Admission Program, which allows qualified undergraduate students in certain majors to apply for acceptance into the School of Law before completing their Bachelor’s degree.

If admitted into the program, students begin pursing the J.D. after completing the third year of undergraduate study. The first 30 hours of law school credit are used to complete the Bachelor’s degree requirements. Interested students should consult with their undergraduate Academic Adviser or a Pre-Law Adviser, preferably during their first year of study at St. Mary’s.

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