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A cancellation occurs when a student decides not to return to the university prior to the final day of late registration of a given semester (for fall and spring semesters, the fifth day of class). A student’s schedule cannot be cancelled after the fifth day of classes (see the Withdrawals section below). Students are responsible for resolving any holds on their accounts, including  payment of any outstanding balance with the Business Office.

  • For cancellations during the 100 percent period, all tuition and fees are refunded at 100 percent.
  • Meal plans, unless already used, are refunded at 100 percent. If a meal plan has been used, it is refunded after appropriate adjustment.
  • If a student has an on-campus housing assignment, the Office of Residence Life will determine the refund of housing charges and any related fees. To cancel on-campus housing, contact the Office of Residence Life at 210-431-4312 or email
  • During the institutional refund period (first four weeks), financial assistance is cancelled or modified based upon a change in full-time enrollment status. After the institutional refund period, financial assistance is modified if the student has no registered hours.
  • Students wishing to cancel their course schedule may do so via Gateway.

Failure to follow these steps could result in responsibility for tuition and other fees.

A student who chooses not to return to the university and has not registered for classes for the upcoming semester is still responsible for completing any other required processes, such as resolving any holds on their account (viewable on Gateway) and canceling their housing assignment, if applicable.

Students canceling their schedule and/or not returning to the University are strongly encouraged to schedule an in person or phone exit interview with the Office of Student Retention. An exit interview helps students in completing the process for all exit requirements. Contact the Office of Student Retention at 210-436-3995 or email


A withdrawal is when a student decides to leave the University after the fifth day of classes in a fall or spring semester. Beginning the sixth day of class each semester, students must complete an exit process in order to properly withdraw from the University.

It is the responsibility of students withdrawing from all courses to contact the Dean of Students Office to begin the withdrawal process. You can contact the office at 210-431-4396 or email According to the tuition refund schedule, a student may be entitled to some refund of tuition at the time of withdrawal.

Withdrawal without proper notice may result in a grade of F in all courses for the semester and responsibility for full payment. As with the dropping of courses, notice to instructors of withdrawal does not cancel registration or financial obligations.

The official withdrawal date is determined by the student’s contact with the Dean of Students Office. If the student fails to make this contact and simply stops attending classes, tuition, fees, meal plans and other applicable charges will not be adjusted on the student’s account. Financial aid credits, however, may be reversed according to federal regulations, leaving students with a larger financial liability if they do not withdraw properly.


Refunds of tuition and required fees are determined based on the official date of a student’s withdrawal, as determined by the Dean of Students Office. Below are the refund period timeframes.

Fall and spring semesters refund schedules

First calendar week — 100 percent refund
Second calendar week — 75 percent refund
Third calendar week —50 percent refund
Fourth calendar week — 25 percent refund

Summer Semesters refund schedules

First two days— 100 percent refund
Second two days — 75 percent refund
Third two days — 50 percent refund
Fourth two days — 25 percent refund

A special cancellation and refund policy is in effect for trimester, Maymester, eight-week and 10-week courses. Please inquire with the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Meal plan refunds (including unused dining dollars) are only granted under special circumstances and are based on the official withdrawal date.

Financial aid recipients are not eligible for a refund until all financial aid programs are reimbursed in accordance with federal, state, and University guidelines. To obtain information about the return of financial aid funds, contact the Financial Assistance Office. This department can be reached by calling 210-436-3141 or emailing Additional information is available in the Financial Aid section.

Students residing in campus housing must contact the Office of Residence Life to obtain information about any applicable housing adjustments and penalties. This department can be reached at 210-431-4312 or email Students must follow the proper check-out procedure outlined in the Residence Life Agreement and must vacate campus housing within 48 hours of the official university withdrawal date.

Dropping a class or classes is not considered a withdrawal. The term withdrawal refers to dropping all classes after the first day of classes and leaving the University for that semester. For information about dropping a class, please refer to the Office of the Registrar.


If a student in active or reserve military services is required by the military to withdraw from the University due to a military crisis, he or she will be entitled to a full tuition refund and no academic penalty will be incurred with appropriate documentation. Students who are using student loans will have to abide by the appropriate regulations. If a student is receiving VA benefits, he/she should also contact Veteran’s Affairs. Students still need to meet with the Dean of Students Office and provide appropriate documentation to complete this process.

Special Considerations

Students who believe that they have individual circumstances warranting an exception to published refund policies may contact the Dean of Students Office for such consideration.

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