What is the TRiO – SSS Program? 

Funded by the federal TRiO – Student Support Services division of the Department of Education, the goal is to provide St. Mary’s University first-generation college students, low-income students, and students with disabilities the resources needed to earn their degree.  

TRiO – Student Support Services (TRiO – SSS) is committed to helping students progress toward graduation and gain the necessary skills to continue their education or begin their careers.

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TRiO Services 

Eligible St. Mary’s students have access to a wide range of college and career support services in an effort to aid in retention and improve graduation rates. All services are free for program participants. 

  • Academic Support 

    • Goal setting and course selection 
    • Tutoring and writing assistance 
    • Study groups 
    • Time management 
    • Study skills 
  • Financial Aid and Literacy 

    • FAFSA and scholarship application assistance 
    • Financial literacy workshops 
    • Financial aid assistance 
  • College/Career Readiness 

    • Time management and procrastination tools 
    • Performance anxiety reduction 
    • Research paper help 
  • Career Exploration and Preparation 

    • Job tours and shadowing 
    • Résumé and cover letter development and editing 
    • Professional networking opportunities 
  • Post-Grad Education Exploration and Preparation 

    • Graduate and professional school application assistance 
    • Entrance exam preparation 
    • Regional school tours 

Program Eligibility 

To participate in the program, St. Mary’s students must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident who meets one of the following criteria: 

  • Be a first-generation college student (neither parent has received a bachelor’s degree) 
  • Be a student with a documented life-long disability 
  • Be a student who meets specific approved federal income levels (see chart below) 
Family SizeMaximum Income Level (Taxable Income)

Families with more than eight members or those living in Alaska or Hawaii, please contact Marcy LaBossiere, Director of TRiO – Student Support Services, at mlabossiere@stmarytx.edu

Program Success 

St. Mary’s has already seen success for the students accepted into the TRiO – SSS program. Through academic and career advising, financial literacy, individual coaching and community building, our goal of helping disadvantaged students graduate is being met. 

Apply to the TRiO – SSS Program 

If you meet the requirements listed above and would like to be considered for the TRiO – SSS program, please complete the form below. 

  • Learn More 

    Please contact Marcy LaBossiere, Director of TRiO – Student Support Services, at mlabossiere@stmarytx.edu with any questions regarding the program. 

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