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Academic Advising at St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s offers an academic advising program that assists students as they develop meaningful educational plans that help shape their values and life goals. At St. Mary’s academic advising is viewed as a continuous process of clarification and evaluation. Academic advisers provide students the guidance they need to make important decisions. Academic advisers assist in this process by helping students identify and assess alternatives and the consequences of their decisions. Students, however, are ultimately responsible for making decisions about their life goals and educational plans.

Faculty advisers not only guide students through course selection and completion of degree requirements. They also assist students by promoting the Academic Advising Plan; a freshman through senior advising plan that encourages student participation in career exploration activities and conversations that help solidify career goals and plans.

Online Priority Advising

Due to the move to online classes for the remainder of the semester, there will be no in-person Priority Advising appointments.  Instead, we have moved to an online advising format where you will be advised via email, Zoom, Skype or phone.

  • By Monday, March 23, students will receive an email from the Academic Adviser who will be assisting you with Priority Advising. Many advisers have already reached out to their advisees. If you have not responded to your adviser’s email, don’t delay.  (NOTE: Some students will be advised by an Academic Adviser from the Rattler Success Center so that faculty can focus on the transition to online courses.) 
  • As part of the advising process, you will be asked to email the adviser your tentative schedule for the Fall semester (and Summer, if applicable) and a screenshot of your mid-semester grades.
  • If your adviser is also requiring a scheduled Zoom, Skype or phone advising appointment, please schedule that appointment as instructed by your adviser. 

The adviser assisting you will review your mid-semester grades, tentative schedule and your GPS degree audit and semester-by-semester plan (if applicable) to ensure you are planning to take courses you need for your degree.  Once your information is reviewed, the adviser will email you your registration pin. If your adviser is requiring a Zoom, Skype or phone appointment, you will receive your pin at that time.

The updated Priority Advising & Registration dates for Summer and Fall 2020 are listed below:

Please note: 

  • Student classification is based on hours earned at the time of registration; it does not include currently registered hours. For example, if you are a freshman today but will be a sophomore Fall 2020, you will register as a freshman; not a sophomore.
  • Each classification is assigned three days of Priority Advising followed by three days of Priority Online Registration.
  • Students who do not take advantage of Priority Advising and Priority Registration during their classification dates (noted above) will have an opportunity to register during Open Registration beginning April 20-May 8.
  • Students who register during Priority and Open Registration will have continuous access to make changes to their schedule through the first week of classes in Fall 2020.
  • St. Mary’s student-athletes will be advised and will register during senior days only. If student-athletes do not register during these three days, they will have to wait until April 8 to register. They will not be able to register during their designated classification days. For example, a sophomore athlete who does not register during the senior days (March 30-31, April 1) will not be able to register during sophomore days (April 7-9).

To prepare for your advising appointment, follow the checklist below:

  • Review the Summer and Fall Course Schedules.  For up-to-date course schedule information, view the course schedules found in Gateway.
  • Review Advising Worksheet (degree evaluation/audit) in GPS to determine which courses you need to complete. Print a pdf copy of the GPS Advising Worksheet (degree evaluation/audit) to bring to the advising appointment.  Use the Advising Worksheet to determine if you have a “Hold” and to confirm your academic adviser assignment.
  • Clear any “Holds” on your account.
  • Create a tentative schedule.  Use the Tentative Schedule Form to create a tentative schedule and choose alternate courses.

If you have a hold, you should still schedule an advising appointment during your Priority Advising days. 

Contact Academic Advising

Academic Advising
Rattler Success Center
Blume Library, Third Floor

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