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Students who attend classes at St. Mary’s University must be officially registered for a course. St. Mary’s does not guarantee the availability of particular courses, and admittance to courses is permitted until the maximum number of students has been reached.

Priority Registration

Currently enrolled undergraduate students are encouraged to take advantage of the Priority Registration period each fall and spring semester. Access to Priority Registration is available via Gateway. Students are required to meet with their academic advisers prior to registering.

General Registration

Undergraduate General Registration occurs the last business day before the new semester starts. Returning students not registered during Priority Registration should register during this time via Gateway.

Undergraduate (General)

Registration for Graduate and Doctoral students is an ongoing process. Registration access opens during two Priority Registration periods, March and October. The registration periods remain open until the first week of class for fall and spring semesters and the first two days for summer.

Graduate (General)

Law students, visit the School of Law website or Gateway for information on registration dates and times as well as course schedules.

Law (General)

Registration holds prevent students from registering for classes. If you have a hold, contact the office who placed the hold on your account. For undergraduate students, regardless of your hold, it is important to meet with your adviser and obtain your PIN. When a hold is resolved, registration can occur during the designated dates.

Registration Holds

Registration Information for New Students

New students who have already been accepted to St. Mary’s University should refer to the following information for registration details:

New undergraduate students will register for their first semester during Rattler Orientation.

Undergraduate (New)

Contact your program director for registration information.

Graduate and Ph.D. (New)

All incoming law students will be registered by the School of Law Admission Office.

Law (New)

Adding Courses After Registration

During the 100% refund period (corresponds to the first calendar week of fall and spring semesters or to the first two days of a summer session), changes to course schedules can be processed online via Gateway without incurring any charges. If attempting to add a closed course during the 100% refund period, the student must submit an ADD/DROP form to the Registrar’s office with the signatures of the course instructor, the student’s academic adviser, and the chair of the department from which the course is being offered. If the course is part of the SMC then the signature of the Core Director is required.

During the 75% and 50% refund periods, signatures of approval from the course instructor, Academic Adviser, and Dean are required on all Add/Drop forms in order to add a course(s) and/or to switch sections within the same course. If a student wishes to add a course that has closed, he/she must submit an ADD/DROP form to the Registrar’s Office with the appropriate signatures as previously indicated.

After the 50% refund period (approximately corresponds to after the third calendar week of classes during the fall or spring semester or after the first calendar week of classes during a summer session or an eight week course), students may NOT add any courses and/or switch sections within the same course except in extremely rare and extenuating circumstances as approved by the instructor of the course and the Dean of the school from which the course is being offered. This Add/Schedule Change policy is in agreement with our current Attendance policy which states that a student may be dropped from a course after missing the equivalent of two weeks of classes.

Tuition Refund Schedule

Spring 2024

Refund AmountTraditional 16-week SemesterFirst 8-week SemesterSecond 8-week Semester
100% refundJan. 10-17Jan. 10-12March 4-6
75% refundJan. 18-24Jan. 13-17March 7-8
50% refundJan. 25-31Jan. 18-19March 9-17
25% refundFeb. 1-7Jan. 20-23March 18-19

Important note: Students who receive financial aid and do not register for the number of hours their financial aid is based upon or drop below that number before the end of the semester may have their financial aid offer revised. This revision may include the revocation of any and all grant funds and the return of student loan funds to the lender. Additionally, such students may lose future eligibility for financial aid depending on the number of classes they drop.

International students on certain visa types (F-1, J-1) are required by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to take a full course load. Dropping below a full course load may result in a violation of the student’s immigration status. Students should talk with an adviser in the Center for International Programs before dropping a class.

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