Engineering Science


XO5J9444Most engineering programs do not have much room in their curricula for students to take elective courses in order for them to graduate with minors in disciplines outside their majors.

The Engineering Science degree at St. Mary’s is designed to address this issue. It offers students a curriculum that combines the foundational engineering principles, common to all engineering majors, with the flexibility to customize their program to obtain the depth of knowledge in the area of their choosing through 24 credit hours of technical electives.

The Engineering Science program at St. Mary’s University prepares students to acquire depth and breadth in engineering and science. Graduates are able to function across disciplines and they are well prepared for advanced studies as well as professional employment.

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The Engineering Science curriculum is designed for students who want to apply design principles rooted in the engineering disciplines to various fields of science including mathematics, biology, chemistry, computer science and others.

This program prepares students to pursue careers in multidisciplinary fields such as biomedical engineering, environmental engineering, material sciences, pre-medicine, and other areas of science. In addition, the Engineering Science program allows students, who want to start their careers as middle and high school teachers with specialty in STEM and IT, to use their 24 hours of electives to fulfill the requirements for their teacher certification.


Bahman Rezaie, Ph.D.
Chair of the Department of Engineering
Richter Math-Engineering Center, Room 220