Program Overview

Thank you for looking at our program. St. Mary’s University is a stimulating environment to learn and San Antonio is an enjoyable place to live. We have a strong community and you are welcome here!

The goal of the St. Mary’s University Intensive English Program is to bring our international students into our community and help them prepare for succeeding in their university careers. One of the most important ways we do this is by welcoming new students from anywhere into our community. Students feel welcome by their peers and by their teachers at St. Mary’s. We do this from the beginning when students arrive here.

Important Dates

SessionApplication DeadlinePlacement Testing and OrientationFirst Day of Class and Tuition DueLast Day of ClassIEP Final / Exit ProgramNo Class
Spring 2021Monday, Nov. 2M-F, Jan. 11-15Tuesday, Jan. 19Friday, May 7M-F, May 3-7Feb. 15-16, March 8, April 2, April 16
Summer 2021Monday, April 5M-F, May 17-21Monday, May 24Friday, July 9M-F, July 5-9TBA
Fall 2021Tuesday, June 1M-F, Aug. 9-13Monday, Aug. 16Friday, Nov. 19M-F, Nov. 15-19TBA
Spring 2022Monday, Nov. 1M-F, Jan. 10-14Tuesday, Jan. 18Friday, May 6M-F, May 2-6TBA
Summer 2022Tuesday, March 1M-F, May 16-20Monday, May 23Friday, July 22M-F, July 18-22TBA
Fall 2022Wednesday, June 1M-F, Aug. 8-12Monday, Aug. 15Friday, Nov. 18M-F, Nov. 14-18TBA
*Dates are subject to change at any time. *Placement testing and orientation is required of all students.* Application deadlines are for students who need an F-1 visa. Students already in the U.S. who have an eligible visa to enroll in the program (e.g., F-1 transfer students, permanent residents, F-2, A-2, L-2) must apply no later than a week ahead of each session’s orientation date.

International students are welcome and included on our campus and have access to all the on-campus services and amenities like the health service, the library, intramurals, on-campus clubs, and campus housing and campus dining.

TuitionFall 2020Fall 2020/Spring 2021Summer 2021
Full-time tuition (4 classes)$4,820$9,640$2,895
Part-time tuition (3 classes)$3,615$7,230$2,170
Part-time tuition (2 classes)$2,410$2,420$1,445
Part-time tuition (1 class)$1,205$2,410$725
Student services feesFall 2020Fall 2020/Spring 2021Summer 2021
Full-time and 3 classes$460$920$230
2 and 1 classes$235$470$115
InsuranceFall 2020Fall 2020/Spring 2021Summer 2021
All students (part-time or full-time)$1,168$2,336$396
ID Card ReplacementCost
All students (new card or replacement)$10


  • Total tuition and fees are due for each semester/term
  • Costs for room and board can be found in “Housing and Meals Cost”
  • Health insurance is mandatory
  • Tuition and fees can change without notice
Financial Requirements to Issue an I-20 for F-1 VISA for IEP
Tuition and fees for academic year$12,896
Living expenses for academic year$12,890
Tuition and Mandatory Fees

All costs are per semester.


  • $2,925.00-$4,180.00 (determined by which dormitory you are placed in)


Rattler All-Access 5Unlimited meals 5 days a week, Sunday-Saturday$1,988.00 (includes $300 Dining Dollars*)
Rattler All-Access 7Unlimited meals 7 days a week$2,265.00 (includes $250 Dining Dollars*)
Dining Dollars*$600.00

*Dining dollars can be used at any of the on-campus restaurants (Subway, Chick-Fil-A, etc.)

The costs for housing, meals, tuition, student services feed, any mandatory fees (including lab fees), as well as insurance costs are subject to change every year as published and approved.

Housing and Meal Costs

On top of offering quality general English language instruction to master English language skills, students in our program learn other skills that they need to be successful university students as well as successful after university. Some of the skills learned include: English for day-to-day living needs, resume writing and how to prepare for job interviews, computer literacy, researching, note-taking, academic as well as everyday vocabulary, cultural literacy, and presenting to name a few.

Our program complements the St. Mary’s University mission by creating opportunities for diverse cultures to come together and interact. We believe communication is the most important method of understanding other people and learning new things.

Classes are small and personalized. These classes have 15 students or fewer for better instruction for our students. Individual tutoring help is also available. For prospective students, our IEP is an option for those international students who do not have the required TOEFL scores necessary for admission to St. Mary’s or other institutions of higher education where English is the primary language of instruction. We can help you!

How does it work?

  • Before classes begin, the IEP staff will test students to determine which level best fits their needs.
  • The Intensive English Program at St. Mary’s has four levels: Foundations 1, Foundations 2, Core 1, and Core 2.
  • Each level has 18 to 24 hours of coursework per week and students are expected to spend a minimum of 8-12 hours studying outside of class per week for homework.
  • Our program offers classes that are appropriate and engaging for each level.
  • Foundations 1

    Focuses on helping students refine their English fundamental skills along with Survival English (English you need for everyday living)

  • Foundations 2 and Core 1

    Students have classes that utilize their English skills for content classes, such as U.S. Cultures, Sustainability, and Employment Preparation.

  • Core 2

    Students focus completely on academic English and become not only fluent speakers, but also successful students ready for the challenges of U.S. university classes and their lives after university. They also take part in a real St. Mary’s class to learn what is necessary to be a successful university student.

  • At the end of Core 2, a Certificate of Completion and a Letter of Completion will be awarded to students who successfully complete all of their courses from where they start through Core 2.
  • These certificates and letters are awarded to students who successfully complete all courses for Foundations 1, Foundations 2, Core 1, and Core 2 – or from the level where students are placed into through Core 2 (no partial levels will be counted) to receive the certificate and letter of completion.
  • “Successful completion” means finishing all the classes from where students are placed (all four classes) keeping all grades at 70% or higher and good attendance to all classes.
  • At the end of the highest level, you will be properly prepared to go to university at St. Mary’s University.
  • Our grading system follows St. Mary’s policy:

    • 90-100 A = passing
    • 80-89 B = passing
    • 70-79 C = passing
    • 60-69 D = not passing
    • Below 60 F = not passing


For more information on the Intensive English Program, email

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