Health Insurance

All undergraduate residents and international students, including those maintaining matriculation, are automatically charged for the St. Mary’s University sponsored health insurance plan. If you wish to opt out or waive this plan, then you must submit your health insurance information online by visiting Academic Health Plans before the 12th class day of each semester. The waiver process for international students undergoes stringent review. Please make note that travel policies are not accepted, and certain insurance requirements must be met before a waiver is granted.

* Commuter students are not automatically enrolled in the St Mary’s University Student Health Insurance Plan, but have the option to voluntarily enroll. Please select Commuter Voluntary Enrollment if you would like to purchase the Student Health Plan. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Health Center at 210-436-3506.

Bookstore Accounts

The bookstore account is a per semester line of credit that can be used for the purposes of purchasing books and supplies at the University Bookstore. Bookstore accounts are automatically billed and opened as a line of credit to all undergraduate and law students each fall and spring semester.

Line of credit amounts are as follows:


If you wish to waive this option or close the account, then you must submit your request to include your name and student ID to the Business Office from your St. Mary’s email account. Otherwise, bookstore accounts will automatically close in November for the fall term and in April for the spring term.

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