Summer/Fall 2021

St. Mary’s Law celebrates five-year anniversary of Master of Jurisprudence Program

This year marks the five-year anniversary of the St. Mary’s University School of Law Master of Jurisprudence Program.

San Antonio’s City Clerk uses Master of Jurisprudence degree to advance her career

At age 12, desperate for healthy home life, Tina Flores (M.Jur. ’17) fought to be in foster care. Her mother was battling drug addiction, unable to care for Flores and her siblings. Her father was in prison. They had no food, electricity or hope. Even as a child, Flores knew she had to escape the toxic environment and sought emancipation from her parents to begin her life anew.

Alumna becomes a successful direct mail marketer while putting her family first

Five kids and one stay-at-home mom starting a home-based business sounds like a risky equation. However, when you factor in Brenda Stewart’s determination to put her family first, it all adds up to the perfect solution for her success.

With nearly six decades serving St. Mary’s, Political Science professor concludes a legendary career

Charles Cotrell, Ph.D., aka Charlie. To generations of St. Mary’s University alumni, his name signals a jaw-dropping 55-year teaching career, or serving as the University’s first lay president from 2000 to 2012.

St. Mary’s lawyer heads new civil rights division in Bexar County

One of alumnus Daryl Harris’ favorite quotes comes from Charles Hamilton Houston, an attorney who played a role in dismantling the Jim Crow laws: “A lawyer is either a social engineer or a parasite on society.”

Mentor Circles Program connects J.D. students with the legal community

Last fall, St. Mary’s University School of Law Dean Patricia Roberts, J.D., led the law school in a new effort to partner with its alumni and the San Antonio Bar Association and connect second- and third-year J.D. students with experienced lawyer mentors.

Legal tech CEO invents new approach to common legal service

Even before becoming an expert on expunctions as CEO of San Antonio-based Easy Expunctions, Yousef Kassim (J.D. ’13) was familiar with the process of removing information pertaining to an arrest, charge or conviction from a person’s record.

Environmental Science professor seeks genetic link between coyotes and endangered red wolves

In 2019, Associate Professor of Environment Science Melissa Karlin, Ph.D., began collecting samples of coyote scat in select Texas regions, hoping to discover a genetic link to a critically endangered animal: the red wolf.

St. Mary’s programs fight COVID-19 job loss

Laura Thompson was in the midst of organizing a natural hair event at San Antonio’s Henry B. González Convention Center when COVID-19 spread across the region in Spring 2020.

MBA student and entrepreneur hones vocation toward common good at St. Mary’s

Nick Ramos, who turned 26 in May, had already launched a couple of businesses before he enrolled in the Master of Business Administration program at St. Mary’s University in 2020.

Law student powers through COVID-19, February winter storm, to finish strong

Rising second-year J.D. student Michael Tucker, from San Antonio, was halfway through his 47-page brief in the Spring 2021 semester at the St. Mary’s University School of Law when he caught COVID-19 and was out of commission for nearly two weeks.

Public History student follows Old Spanish Trail to award-winning conclusion

Glory Turnbull (B.A. ’20), a student in the Master of Arts in Public History program at St. Mary’s University, received in May the Student Excellence Award from Texas Digital Libraries for digitizing archival documents and subsequently creating an exhibit on the Old Spanish Trail (OST) — a 2,817-mile automobile route constructed in the early 20th century stretching from St. Augustine, Florida, to San Diego, California.

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