St. Mary’s Law celebrates five-year anniversary of Master of Jurisprudence Program

July 06, 2021

This year marks the five-year anniversary of the St. Mary’s University School of Law Master of Jurisprudence Program.

The 30-credit-hour program was designed for those who do not wish to practice law but are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the American legal system.

It benefits professionals practicing in areas that intersect with the law such as human relations, criminal and juvenile justice, health care, technology and business, the court system, journalism and social work, among many other fields.

Because St. Mary’s Law is the only Texas university certified by the Compliance Certification Board (CCB), M.Jur. students who complete the CCB eligibility requirements can sit for a credentialing exam without having to meet the typical work experience requirements.

“The key to the program’s success has been its accessibility for working professionals. We offer a variety of concentrations that are appealing to a number of industries, but even the most attractive degree means nothing if a working professional can’t fit the courses into their busy schedule,” said Colin P. Marks, J.D., Associate Dean for Graduate and Summer Programs. “Our online asynchronous format gives those working full-time the flexibility to complete the degree on their schedule.”

More About St. Mary's Master of Jurisprudence Graduates:

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Roberto Ruiz dreamed of earning his master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology (IO) from St. Mary’s University. He made many attempts to get into the program, but after 13 years, he felt the possibility slipping away.

San Antonio’s City Clerk uses Master of Jurisprudence degree to advance her career

At age 12, desperate for healthy home life, Tina Flores (M.Jur. ’17) fought to be in foster care. Her mother was battling drug addiction, unable to care for Flores and her siblings. Her father was in prison. They had no food, electricity or hope. Even as a child, Flores knew she had to escape the toxic environment and sought emancipation from her parents to begin her life anew.

Health care professional overcomes personal obstacles to graduate law degree

In 2016, Becky Keller’s (M.Jur. ’19) husband was diagnosed with cancer. A mother of two, Keller was about to begin her graduate studies when this news hit. Though she was unsure how to balance everything occurring in her personal life, she knew what she needed to do next.

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